This Doomsday Prepper Show is Hilarious
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  • Zenax Productions
    Zenax Productions

    Donna must have THE most annoying person in the world since the pandemic hit.

  • Jaspreet

    goddamn i feel so bad for thr children they probably have anxiety and trust issues, they can't even live their day to day daily life without feelings like somethings' gonna happen so they have to always stay on edge wtf they're gonna need intensive therapy

  • Jaspreet

    *so is donna the new baba vanga?*

  • Alaina Hall
    Alaina Hall

    I'm so sorry I threw that at you.. let's call truce let make you some soup...

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross

    He kinda looks like Obama

  • Mirthful Tale
    Mirthful Tale

    Donna probably was the first to go due to COVID.

  • Aqua Dome
    Aqua Dome

    As Cody said Bill Gates made a Ted talk 5 plus years before the virus came out and she made a kit

  • Rose from UK
    Rose from UK

    That show was gold! I loved it. A bit scared tho, because you learn that we will all die when there’s a solar pulse (which there will be at some point) and literally everything electrical will cease to work, including water pumping stations. No water no transport (except pre computerised cars)

  • Alabean

    Still thinkin bout that trusty throwin lemon....

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama

    “Michael doesn’t own guns “ Proceeds to pull gun on children

  • Alexandra Kramerová
    Alexandra Kramerová

    why does donna look like the biggest antivaxx

  • Emily

    lol you guys believe in birds???

  • Catt C
    Catt C

    It’s weird watching as the childhood trauma is happening 😭 I hope the kids go to therapy

  • 1123581321 34
    1123581321 34

    “Research Rabbit Hole or an RHR” *Are you sure about that???*

  • shoto 5weenies
    shoto 5weenies

    *please worfl*

    • shoto 5weenies
      shoto 5weenies


  • Benana2005 XD
    Benana2005 XD

    Clearly haven’t watched the walking dead

  • Stephen Balais
    Stephen Balais

    I love how her name is "Survivor Jane"............ LMAO

  • Matthew D'Onofrio
    Matthew D'Onofrio

    Research rabbit hole would be “RRH” cody

  • ArduinoBen

    I can't tell if the lemon throw is real lol

  • ArduinoBen

    Those kids need an education, no?

  • ArduinoBen

    Nah fam way more pandemics coming

  • Roux Harbour
    Roux Harbour

    TIL I learned there is such a thing as AXE THROWING BARS. Seems like a bad idea. Just sayin.

  • Bro My Shoe
    Bro My Shoe

    if u could say the third family are STICKlers for the rules

  • Evelyn Maldonado
    Evelyn Maldonado

    I use to binge watch this show so much as a kid

  • Afifa Rahman
    Afifa Rahman

    Guyss, what are some other funny channels like cody ko's? Please leave your recommendations!

  • Blake Walker
    Blake Walker

    I wonder how that pandemic lady is doing now

  • Alexus Cole
    Alexus Cole

    Doomsday prepper? More like doomsday pepper spray, am I right??


    I didn’t know apex legends made a live actions caustic movie

  • ryan fryin
    ryan fryin

    we’ve already entered the time of revelations by the 80s. the hopi prophecy of when nature would divide from man and would be marked by a certain white buffalo calf. that calf was born and inspired the film koyaanisqatsi. if you have looked at the weather around the world you would know that it’s slowly being devastated all at once. germany went from a first world country to a third world country just because of a FLOOD. our water is going bad. curses like big infestations are now occurring at large rates. our seeds have been stolen frim us and preserved by the swedish i believe while we get gmo seeds and foods that don’t have seeds that work to regrow, let alone do any of us know how to fuckinh grow food, you can’t just stick it in the fucking dirt and hope it grows. the ocean was set on fucking fire. we’ve entered doomsday a long time ago.

    • ryan fryin
      ryan fryin

      nasa is drilling holes in mars. cern is splitting atoms which causes butterfly effects through out time and space, it also creates microscopic black holes that disintegrate in seconds. that type of particle splitting happens on earth BUT FROM SOACE BILLIONS OF MILES AWAY NOT ON EARTH ITSELF BY HUMANS WHO PLAY GOD!!! we are sending trash into space. china literally owns the world just by dominating mass production and having us rely on them in this way. it’s a joke to think we haven’t already hit doomsday.

  • ryan fryin
    ryan fryin

    to be honest the tools are too short. this would be great if they turned them into spears. it’s best to use longer objects and stab someone than it is to use something short. not bad for him to learn how to throw that shit perfectly too though, that’s still a useful skill. they need more shit though. they’re right that guns won’t last versus hand made tools. innovative though.

  • MelliMak

    9:12 If you watch nothing else just watch this lmao

  • Let’s play a little game Just between you and I
    Let’s play a little game Just between you and I

    Cody really missed the chance to call her Nostradonnamus

  • rosedaledevils10

    at least her mask is a n95 RESPIRATOR! LOL so it would actually work against viruses. not the blue surgical masks and black cloth mask you get at the store. ahha

  • Gabriel Felix Muñoz
    Gabriel Felix Muñoz

    I guarantee you one of the things Dona did not stock up on was toilet paper

  • Darkithna mgedrf
    Darkithna mgedrf

    I mean a pandemic was bound to happen and specialists have been saying it for years

  • josukepark

    ppl really just bring other humans, their kids, into their shit. they aint ask for dis

  • Jeff Fun
    Jeff Fun

    No your hair is perfect. Man’s hair that length is hot af

  • that one hallo guy
    that one hallo guy

    why is Cody's face like 40% forehead

  • Allison Nicole
    Allison Nicole

    getting dwight vbes

  • CeCe Ariel
    CeCe Ariel

    I mean, not gonna lie, it seems to me that the lemon caused some serious damage....

  • Bruh Bruh
    Bruh Bruh

    Why did she sound so calm at first “i can’t breathe” “CAN YOU BREATHE”

  • abg nbd
    abg nbd

    brooo 😂 exit signs up in the house??? 14:16

  • Jimmy Wrangler
    Jimmy Wrangler

    Cody is a real stickler for the rules

  • Gav murphy
    Gav murphy

    I am growing my hair to put in a bun after seeing your hair

  • MarieC NP
    MarieC NP

    Literally the funniest video i‘ve seen in a whiiiiile

  • silas ♡
    silas ♡


  • Bruh

    Cody: burning gaze Me: “burning gays”? What?!?

  • Katie Does Know
    Katie Does Know

    NatGeo should do a series of episodes with Preppers just thriving during the pandemic.

  • Vie De Ciel
    Vie De Ciel

    3:14 : π

  • Andreas Sciascia
    Andreas Sciascia

    come on!

  • BananaBalls

    Imagine her on her deathbed dying of old age realizing that she wasted her life

  • JExyTan

    A month late, but I can confirm birds are real. Like I work with hundreds of them they're legit.

  • Crazypuddin

    throwing lemon camm 💪😎

  • brizta burnama
    brizta burnama

    Asian mothers making sambal with nothing to cover them: 😑

  • Manifest Magnificence
    Manifest Magnificence

    I think this is my favourite video I've seen from Cody Ko

  • MrRichManGuy

    2:46 Burning who now??!

  • MrRichManGuy

    Codester... I need to come to your house. The vibes in it are too unreal...

  • Sophia

    Donna was patient zero

  • Z O D I Y A K
    Z O D I Y A K

    Hopefully here “survival kits” contain a Kevlar vest, a face shield, a rifle and a million bullets otherwise the first person she meets is gonna fold her and steal her shit.

  • W

    Why would you hold a blade towards your own body? Literally every strike on the stick is going to push the blade toward you. Compare this to a tonfa, which has a round, non-bladed handle. This allows the tonfa to spin, strike, and return to guard. This axe has a flat head (the blade), so you can't actually spin the axe handle like a tonfa. Any strike you could deliver with the handle would be more damaging if you used your bare elbow. Source: Escrima

  • Quinn Kuslich
    Quinn Kuslich

    Cody my man, the pepper spray video..... you didn’t notice that the masks they were wearing were costume masks. I’m disappointed in your lack of attention to detail.

  • Spoonman

    Boy scout and girl scouts work too.

  • Spoonman

    I'd hire you if you could rap for me.

  • Keara Hill
    Keara Hill

    What’d you break?

  • Kaelan Niblett
    Kaelan Niblett

    Donna was all pandemic ready with masks and stuff, but did she stock up on toilet paper? Yeah, didn't think so Donna 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

    • Kaelan Niblett
      Kaelan Niblett

      Honestly tho, I would love to know what Donna's reaction was last year because I can imagine that she might have been more panicked than the rest of us, despite her predictions lol

  • Katie M
    Katie M

    Was anybody gonna tell me that foxgloves are deadly poisonous or was I just supposed to hear that in a Cody Ko video

  • Jed Stephenson
    Jed Stephenson

    Imagine she sold it all before last year

  • Julia Kaz
    Julia Kaz

    That was lysol spray not febreeze lol 😆 it definitely helps it kills bacteria

  • Mayo

    is there an update on the pandemic lady

  • Chop Chop
    Chop Chop

    That lady was probably like fuck! We’ve got everything except toilet paper! 🧻

  • may

    this lady manifested the pandemic

  • Jess ica
    Jess ica

    I keep watching the end on repeat

  • TheFreshPrinceOfSaiyans

    Being a person that’s taken three Ornithology courses and has tons of bird-watching experience, seeing Cody freak out over a dude doing bird calls is so funny to me.

  • Marsh Mellow
    Marsh Mellow

    ....Survivor Jane 😆

  • Chris Atkinson
    Chris Atkinson

    I appreciate your videos teaching me what normal is lol. Its reassuring to know that there are always weirder people

  • Cambria Freeman
    Cambria Freeman

    I feel bad for Donna. Imagine the fear when a pandemic actually came...

  • Shmoo


  • Mathias Downhouse
    Mathias Downhouse

    One of my favorite doomsday prepper believes that US Government will attack to it own people. So he built small tunnel from his bedroom to garage. He believes that USA army will try kill him but because of that small tunnel to his car, he and his family will be safe him. Is USA army more stupid that cops in GTA? That would be only way that could work. It was also sad. Wife of that man looked so sad and devastated when she said to camera that she does't understand his husband but since bible says so, she can't do nothing but let his husban do what he wants to do.

  • Marilyn Waldee
    Marilyn Waldee

    ‘tis not febreeze, ‘tis lysol 😐😐😐

  • Chloe

    I wonder how Donna is doing now like is she laughing evilly while watching the chaos on her tv?? Also LMAO THATS NOT FEBREEZE 😭 So my question is how come when the people with the masks on couldnt breathe but we didn’t hear a peep out of the camera man??👁👄👁 You should look up Morgan Jones from The Walking Dead cause he used a staff to kill zombies

  • Ella


  • BMoney8600

    Your hair is big and unkempt

  • Emoli Ravioli
    Emoli Ravioli

    "I spent 20 hours a day worrying about it" ma'am I think the lack of sleep may be greatly affecting your mental health

  • Cozy

    I wonder where Donna is now

  • Devin Nicholson
    Devin Nicholson

    So we gonna ignore the fact he said “research rabbit hole” then said they call it a “RHR”

  • Shelby and Dani
    Shelby and Dani

    That sucks Man U don’t look like big Ed

  • Brad Eddy
    Brad Eddy

    when you threw the Lemon at the end 😄😄

  • Amanda Roxby
    Amanda Roxby

    RHR-research hole rabbit

  • Gabrielle Sprite
    Gabrielle Sprite

    RHR… research hole rabbit

  • iDeal

    she probably laughing at us now

  • 23deschamps

    WHERES DONNA?????????!?!

  • Cameron

    Imagine the woman like started going to therapy and being normal again and then Covid hits

  • Einar Juarez
    Einar Juarez

    That last guy reminded me of Dwight Schrute

  • 06MERC


  • Maria Perez
    Maria Perez

    Bro my mom makes chile spicier than that. Ever been inside when your moms making that salsa macha? Don’t play me survivor Jane

  • Relatable

    Donna be like: "I fking told you"

  • Hannah Dilutis
    Hannah Dilutis

    The footage of the couple coughing in the kitchen reminded me of Dave and Kath from Portlandia😂

  • Woody 213
    Woody 213

    A family that Larps together stays together

  • savannah

    5:12 plot twist : they couldn't breathe cuz their masks were on the wrong way

  • Traveler

    Some Dude In 2011 Talking about pandemics: A Pandemic I- Cody:DO Not Cite the deep Magic to me I was there when it was written