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  • Hay there
    Hay there

    why are minimalist buildings so ugly

  • Fell Hermit
    Fell Hermit

    I wish we went back to super detailed estates with Collums and pillars and a multitude of colors and designs Like really elaborate wallpaper and chiseled stone Like ok it’s nice I guess but I kinda just looks like a bunch of shapes stacked on each other like they saw a toddler playing with blocks and said “oh yeah that’s a mansion” And like the colors are really boring like contemporary houses are so fucking bright and boring Wood, grey, white, and black That’s the uniform But like it’s nice I guess but also make it less boring

  • Keith Showell
    Keith Showell

    Someone needs to reach out to Bradley Cooper to let him know we found who took the missing cookie jar of "Limitless" pills....and he tries to sound like Sly Stallone! How does a bank commit fraud against itself by lending this kind of money? I was afraid there was going to be a psilocybin mushroom garden on the property.

  • Nicholas

    the biltmore mansion has more square feet and was made like 100 years ago

  • bloom

    yo me with a bucket and splatter would be OVER for those walls

  • Sean Wilkes
    Sean Wilkes


  • duccsauce

    They both look like gta characters

  • Rob Monkey
    Rob Monkey

    "I wanted it to be warm and supple" - as he's literally touching cold white marble.

  • OG Esus
    OG Esus

    i dont normally comment but at 17:00 min when director realizes hes on his phone not paying attention his look is priceless

  • Treyman1115

    That bathroom thing was so fucking weird

  • James Cole
    James Cole

    I wanna buy that house and live only in that f**king helicopter 24/7.

  • Djsjs Fhdjsi
    Djsjs Fhdjsi

    This guy definitely does coke on Monday’s

  • Chris Archer
    Chris Archer

    Two of the tackiest men on the planet. Nile and Michael.

  • Zoe Shimizo
    Zoe Shimizo

    The one is just a public mall trying to be livable.

  • Philip Bryde
    Philip Bryde

    Take my word for it, I have watched 4000hours+ of HRposts, and I have to say. *This guy and that house is the most cluster fuck, insane, drug-induced, fucking mess of a youtube video I have EVER watched* Holy shit I actually thought I had become immune to crazy things on the internet but I was shocked at how absurd this guy and that house is.

  • Andrew Garcia
    Andrew Garcia

    That house would be about 150k-200k in Texas

  • 6a6y lam6
    6a6y lam6

    The one: Get ready to see something no one has ever seen before ....Is it your dink?

  • randiddly

    Cocaine's a hell of a drug

  • Rainey Reid
    Rainey Reid

    this man is talking about waste and he built a fucking 105 sq ft house?!?! bro just mowed a whole forest to build this shit :/

  • Heaven Bunny
    Heaven Bunny

    I think this guy is going through a bpd related manic episode.

  • Dr. Biokryptic
    Dr. Biokryptic

    @12:03 Assault . i bet producermike guy was just livid off camera . im pretty sure he is one of those germaphobe people . and also u should make a part 2 and 3 . liked and sub. thumbs up

  • Dr. Biokryptic
    Dr. Biokryptic

    great video cody , but did he say he trys not to waste by having fake plants wow!. talk about being wasteful by having wasted space in that house wow!. you said exactly what i was thinking when i paused the video to comment . not to be judgmental but he's kinda of a douche not u cody but the developer of the house.

  • Ashley Totten
    Ashley Totten

    the fact that this man has a lisp and then is so serious about the crazy shit he says like this video truly hurt my brain but made me die laughing

  • MiniBike Guy
    MiniBike Guy

    This mans living room is bigger than my house

  • Andrew T
    Andrew T

    He's soooo high on blow lol

  • Chais Six
    Chais Six

    $500,000,000 buys a lot of meth

  • ThisIsMyFullName

    The ironic thing is that if it wasn't for the creepy ads and bad press, the house would probably have been sold by now.

  • Zeed

    The guy was one line of coke away from an OD before producer man showed up

  • Nathan Clark
    Nathan Clark

    The periodic siamese energetically rain because stop preferably suspect sans a ubiquitous flame. responsible, massive improvement

  • Jay Ferr
    Jay Ferr

    "producer micheal" looks like donald trump with hair. I'm also not convinced that Nile isn't AJ from backstreet boys.

  • Jeremy Hinze
    Jeremy Hinze

    Classic sociopath w/narcissistic tendencies....or full on narcissist more like it.

  • Jeremy Hinze
    Jeremy Hinze

    What an asshole of a house. What does this house have anything to do with "sustainability" 🙄 eff off! 6 elevators, multiple pools, absolutely gargantuan power bill pfffft! Go to actual hell.

  • Lady Green sleeves
    Lady Green sleeves

    He’s definitely on something

  • Lady Green sleeves
    Lady Green sleeves

    This guy has issues people like him shouldn’t have money to do all this nonsense

  • Jasmine Huff
    Jasmine Huff

    Idk I kinda like him. What a character

  • My cat is a bastard
    My cat is a bastard

    This isn't coke. This is crystal. Whaaaaat a shitshow.

  • Louis Mahon
    Louis Mahon

    What I don't really understand is the fact that this... isn't the largest house in the urban world. Buckingham palace is 800,000 sq ft. lmao

  • Hannah banana
    Hannah banana

    the way producer mike looked at our architect when exiting the candy dispenser room

  • BMcMinn88

    This dude is the prime example answer of what ever happened to those dudes who wore Tap out and Ed Hardy gear 10 years ago

  • Eat My Shorts
    Eat My Shorts

    It's like a weird mall/car dealership/spaceship/rock

  • Olive Meadowvale
    Olive Meadowvale

    Dude got serious coke head vibes

  • KailumAsylum

    What's that guy gonna say next? That the house comes with a Batcave?

  • Saidielivpig -
    Saidielivpig -

    I’m sorry, how do you even keep a house that big clean?!?!

  • mick flip
    mick flip


  • Casey Bedwell-Coll
    Casey Bedwell-Coll

    how is that even a house

  • B T
    B T

    i had the unfortunate (or fortunate) luck of randomly finding and watching these videos a few months back and was shocked and horrified. I had googled Nile after first seeing the one video and was not surprised when found out that the house was not selling and he was in deep financial trouble. So when I saw that you were commenting on this, I clicked LIKE before even watching the video. Nice job!

  • Eli Wixson
    Eli Wixson

    His next fucking sentence after “Yeah it’s one of six elevators.” is “I’ve learned that sustainability is important.”

  • Pilot

    This man walks like someone broke his legs….as a warning ⚠️ Stop borrowing money to make kids’ ideas of cool houses my guy

  • Chrisha M.
    Chrisha M.

    i hope nobody ever buys this property lmao

  • Wesley Gibbings
    Wesley Gibbings

    This is one of the most entertaining things I've ever watched

  • Hannah Elise
    Hannah Elise

    The charity he's donating to is literally just himself so he can get out of his egregious amount of debt

  • Nathan Melloy
    Nathan Melloy

    This house is like a bad Minecraft base

  • Bryce House
    Bryce House

    “Theres 6 elevators” “We try to be sustainable and avoid waste” Something isn’t right here 😂 also, does anybody else think the guy who built the house sounds like Stallone?

  • Amy Dutton
    Amy Dutton

    It’s so important not to be wasteful, so we only built ONE bowling alley that no one will ever use

  • K S
    K S

    no?? maybe

  • kongvinter33

    Real estate is the new "waste management"....if you know what I mean....

  • K S
    K S


  • Zaki Siddiqui
    Zaki Siddiqui

    hOlOgRaM sHaRkSsSsS

  • NeutralGuyDoubleZero

    The first main hallway/living room he showed felt like I was in a premium priced warehouse. What kind of millionaire would wanna live there lol?

  • Raspberry Cheesecake
    Raspberry Cheesecake

    This man was coked up the whole tour

  • Raspberry Cheesecake
    Raspberry Cheesecake

    This man was coked up the whole

  • rylee elizabeth
    rylee elizabeth

    He was texting his ex wife from Argentina when he was looking at his phone

  • Joanna Hu
    Joanna Hu

    I feel like if you lived there, you could discover a new room everyday and never run out of rooms

  • Lien Truong
    Lien Truong

    I felt that slap 😩

  • PinkDiamonds

    This guy is obviously insane, but what is more insane, is the fact that ANY investors hitched their wagons to his shitshow of a bipolar star. Even to non-professionals, this is so obviously a money pit of a project. Literally no one in their right mind would buy this; and off the bat, there are maybe 10 people in the world who could actually afford to buy this. Ridiculous all around

  • Warrior

    Not sure why...but the producer Michael reminds me of Versace-Walmart combo version of Donald Trump.


    Dude keeps talking about the house like he lives there and never is gonna leave, he’s so coked out lmao

  • Natalie Brown
    Natalie Brown

    This house looks like something you would build on Minecraft and think it was the coolest thing ever but this dude just decided to actually make it

  • Rain Love
    Rain Love

    15:00 what the fuck is up with the random person walking past them ?

  • Rain Love
    Rain Love

    13:30 that is such a shitty office for such an expensive house

  • glass mermaids
    glass mermaids


  • YoPluto.

    Imagine forgetting your phone on the other side of the house 😂😂

  • muffinpro _
    muffinpro _

    Now I don't exactly speak for women. But I'm rather certain that they don't wanna watch us piss.

    • gorilla grip
      gorilla grip

      we do not

    • BellaxEAH Rose
      BellaxEAH Rose

      yeah you’re right

  • Rinny Chor
    Rinny Chor

    He's high on narcotics. No doubt about it. His slurred speech is already plenty of sign where he's under severe drug influence. Also this guy is very sus, looking at his history. He could be a real estate con artist.

  • _ keef
    _ keef


  • 512

    Producer Michael is an Australian trump lmao. Especially riiight here 6:57

  • Bailey Acord-Becker
    Bailey Acord-Becker

    On behalf of women everywhere, I’m going to pass on the whole bathroom situation.

  • Jemand Jemand
    Jemand Jemand

    again, one of those awful lazy all-white trashy tacky rich poeple houses. horrible.

  • Telepek Telepkowy
    Telepek Telepkowy

    Honestly, the bank that after hearing the ridiculous idea of this house and decided to fund this project nonetheless deserves to fucking crash. Throwing that 100 mil out of a plane over the city and giving it to random people would've been more profitable than this... thing.

  • Grubishu Animations
    Grubishu Animations

    Why are they so obsesseed with the house.

  • -Whydoesitmatter0-

    That candy room is straight outta willy Wonka 🤣

  • K Noelle
    K Noelle

    Oh cool I’m so glad to hear that plastic flowers are sustainable. This entirely too large, urban behemoth seems completely sustainable. Ugh. This dude should really just donate this property to a women’s shelter or an orphanage or something so it doesn’t go to waste.

  • K Noelle
    K Noelle

    The guy that built this monstrosity seems like he’s on all the drugs simultaneously.

  • Jovana Dmitrovic
    Jovana Dmitrovic

    Not to sound too communist but there are so many homeless people in America and imagine how many of them could be housed if they only built basic buildings for them on this land instead of this monstrosity that absolutely no one wants

  • Alexandre Pereira
    Alexandre Pereira

    "How are you feeling Niami"

  • Fern

    When he was on his phone I cringed sooo hard 😭😭😭

  • Pogohose

    I’m just curious but like could they just make a mall out of the house it just seems like such a waste

  • N D
    N D

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  • J V
    J V

    honestly this is such an underrated video from cody like i laugh out loud every time i watch this

  • jon allen
    jon allen

    I can think of so many better business ideas to spend 100 million dollars on.

  • Jenna Lutz
    Jenna Lutz

    This dude is one cocaine binge away from starting a cult and renaming himself Jesus.

  • Levi ?
    Levi ?

    This is adhd on crack who is panicking because the owe $100 million

  • Alicia Cortez
    Alicia Cortez

    My best friends parents had a neighbor that was selling their house for around $250 million. Needless to say, they didn’t get that much. I think on Zillow it sold for $75 million. I don’t know why they ask these astronomical prices.

  • Junuz96

    I hope GT Dave buys that!

  • evy01

    Perfect commentary :D Fave part was the anatomically correct giraffe skeleton

  • Anya

    If a talk on drugs would be a person...

  • jordan Rhyner
    jordan Rhyner

    imagine losing your phone in this house

  • oliver lynx
    oliver lynx

    im actually staying an Air n B RIGHT NEXT TO THIS MONSTER HOUSE IN BEL AIR LMAO

    • Aurora

      Really? Are you lying?

  • Oh Snap
    Oh Snap

    Is it just me or does producer Michael radiate serious Robert California vibes

  • Taylor D
    Taylor D

    if that guy isnt on drugs then i dont know shit about the world