The Cringiest Dhar Mann Copycat
some valuable lessons in this one.

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  • Carlisle

    “Haha wasazie wass pahping” - Cody 2021


      So true

    • Diego Castillo
      Diego Castillo

      This is the best quote

    • Snopple Wopple
      Snopple Wopple


    • 𝙸𝚜𝚊𝚋𝚎𝚕 𝚖𝚊𝚛𝚒𝚎
      𝙸𝚜𝚊𝚋𝚎𝚕 𝚖𝚊𝚛𝚒𝚎

      Such powerful words brought me to tears…😢

    • Aria Washburn
      Aria Washburn

      POV: you said this quote out loud

  • Aliyah Playz
    Aliyah Playz

    THERE IS ONE CALLED Life Lessons With Luis

  • SushiTea

    Is is just me or does Luis's house look like Ian's mom's house from Smosh

  • Mike

    do you sometimes not like it? sometimes i don’t not dislike it

  • Cory D
    Cory D

    I really hate the idea that people who watched the original think this is a normal and healthy way to approach addiction counseling

  • Himawari Uzumaki
    Himawari Uzumaki

    What a cringe

  • Drewbabya Gaming
    Drewbabya Gaming

    Dhar man have joined that chat actually

  • Johnny Holmes
    Johnny Holmes

    I like the way they chose to show he that he had aged, comb the hair and put on a suit.

  • Arielle Hazard
    Arielle Hazard


  • Trade

    Funny i was just on another website and the beginning was almost exactly the same.

  • oEZie rOtaku
    oEZie rOtaku

    only alpha material n beer chug chug chug sssssnnnnooorrrrttttt

  • oEZie rOtaku
    oEZie rOtaku

    old man's daughter friggin' vaporized that beer bottle

  • SirAlaska

    This was done much better in Marco Polo. Especially the murder part

  • One Singular Yike
    One Singular Yike

    "Because you raised me!" -- Woman who can't recognize her own dad even though he hasn't aged a day

  • Grayson Gibson
    Grayson Gibson


  • buttry croissant
    buttry croissant

    Ight yo in the messages the person on the other line said her name was tiffany. Her real names jasmine and now she has a fake name, victoria. What the fuck

  • buttry croissant
    buttry croissant


  • Daniel Teberian
    Daniel Teberian

    The first thing that popped in my head when I saw the dad at the apartment door was, "AYYY I BROUGHT DRINKS!!"

  • Yeah boi
    Yeah boi

    Dhar Mann Copies Sameer Bhavani Zvoid Studios Life Lesson With Luis Sameer Bhavani Zvoid Studios Life Lesson With Luis. ARE COPYCATS! DHAR MANN IS WAY MORE BETTER

  • Lulu

    Did y’all see that suggested video about the dad forcing his daughter to terminate her baby

  • Sasha Skyy
    Sasha Skyy

    I was looking for spelling errors the whole time… lol! Hahahah 18 years and looks exactly the same!! How does he not notice that it’s his daughter? But really how does she not recognize him cause he looks exactly the dam same!! Lol I’m sorry but that was horrible!! I love how they don’t discuss her escorting!! It has nothing to do with the fact that she’s fukin escorting… lol.. what the flying fuk!!

  • Ally


  • Homayoon Rahimi
    Homayoon Rahimi

    Dharr Mann way better

  • Charles Udy
    Charles Udy

    "what are you doing awake?" it is literally daytime it's bright outside

  • Benana2005 XD
    Benana2005 XD

    Would he not recognise his daughter

  • haley !!!!!!!!!!
    haley !!!!!!!!!!

    My boyfriend watched dhar man religiously on Facebook he will be so pissed when he hears someone stealing his masterpieces

    • A very Cute Bird
      A very Cute Bird

      Bruhh I’m so pissed off! Babe why did you show me this😭

  • rblxchris

    Dhar Mann is much more fun to watch.

  • games with friends
    games with friends

    So true that they copy Dhar man

  • daniel ninio
    daniel ninio

    Dude it's a copycat of a british video...and the british version is great

  • Henry Jackson
    Henry Jackson

    Horrifying thing about that sketch is what if she didn't see the picture. Because she clearly didn't recognise him somehow... That would be so messed up

  • Henry Jackson
    Henry Jackson

    I sqw the daughter twist coming ahes ago, especially cuz they didn't look at eachother. Tho she looked at him and he looks basically the same?

  • FRESH Eco
    FRESH Eco

    Ok ok hear me out i know the title is he gets Gluck Gluck by his daughter but at 11:52 i realized it was his daughter

  • marisa krosky
    marisa krosky

    i thought the guy was jason nash at first

  • Harris Kpokai
    Harris Kpokai

    I feel like the dhar mann Ripoffs are acting like those fake story channels on HRposts.

  • No

    The video just reminded me of a high school presentation. Especially the way he ended the video

  • strangeroo

    Guy was like "yeah but u still hot damn"

  • 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕠𝕟𝕖 𝕝𝕠𝕤𝕖𝕣
    𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕠𝕟𝕖 𝕝𝕠𝕤𝕖𝕣

    Bro he technically didn't walk out on em' cause he wanted to change but get 1 more drink and she left him lmao

  • Am Lily
    Am Lily

    Honestly the daughter as an adult seems like a decent actor just trying to deal with shit writing and production

  • Spenimations

    the z void actor are a bit bad at acting and their lines are a bit odd like theres no life to it no offense

  • 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕠𝕟𝕖 𝕝𝕠𝕤𝕖𝕣
    𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕠𝕟𝕖 𝕝𝕠𝕤𝕖𝕣

    omg i just realized that its day time when its suppost to be 5 am -

  • Ashleigh Coulter
    Ashleigh Coulter


  • motorbikeray

    The daughter looked to be around 10-years old when the dad left the family. How could the adult version of the daughter not recognize her new client as her dad?

  • VeinsSupreme roblox and other stuff
    VeinsSupreme roblox and other stuff

    luis' video is stolen :/

  • Cyldric Jean Louis
    Cyldric Jean Louis

    Stop that

  • CannibalisticPotato

    "A man Finds Out that His Girlfriend Doesn't exist" *Re:zero vibes intensify*

  • Cryptic unity
    Cryptic unity

    Bro went from bullying dhar mann to him getting neutral with dhar to them filming a vid together to Cody defending him. The character development is unreal

  • Momo Kitty
    Momo Kitty

    21:29 *I've always wondered this.*

  • Momo Kitty
    Momo Kitty

    20:34 *"That wasn't extremely fucced up :)"*

  • fallsgg

    no, i am not defending luis. but luis has been making inspirational videos before dhar. + sameer has too. edit: sameer & luis have a channel together. _______________ to catch a cheater/ american justice warriors.

  • Ben

    I’m glad he explained the life lessons at the end

  • Panadaol

    The whole daughter dad video is a COMPLETE RIPOFF of a short film uploaded on Omeleto (HRposts). The only thing this video brings to the table is shit writing and acting. Found the link :

  • Dylan Jaekels
    Dylan Jaekels

    Please scroll through HRposts shorts for a video that shit gold

  • athenax

    At least Dhar’s actors can kind of act. These knock off ones are terrible. I’ve seen better acting in drama classes for 13yo’s. At least the guy at the end does not talk to us in a condescending way like Dhar Mann does. Mann talks like he’s speaking to kindergarteners.

  • BabyBirdBoy722

    He used that sml cookie crisps song but they edit out the lyrics

  • Raymond Kuma
    Raymond Kuma

    Jesus died so you don't have to go to hell ask God to forgive you of your sins and he will.🙏God will help you with any of your problems as long as you ask.

  • Devin Brooks
    Devin Brooks

    Hold up did you just say vid chronicles was a Dhar Mann clone? Vid chronicles has been doing skits for 2 years now before dhar even had 100k subs so like i really don't know why your saying its a clone.

  • Megan Pena
    Megan Pena

    When I was 16 my dad was taking shots with me on the way to a treatment program in another state. Shameful. . . I’m better now 🙂

  • Alfie T
    Alfie T

    5:09 super smash bros in a nutshell

  • Natalie Benesh
    Natalie Benesh

    love your Mac miller hat!!!!!!

  • RockmosReformed

    16:32 Can we talk about how the top right corner it says "Dad forces daughter to TERMINATE BABY"????????

  • Alexander Reichard
    Alexander Reichard

    Why does he have the exact hairstyle Cody had

  • Bryan Dowling
    Bryan Dowling

    Liquid death is so good

  • Loading...

    It's true dhar mann's channel is growing he even has more subs than you

  • itsreasonthen

    that drink can next to his left arm is stressing me out i keep thinking he’s gonna knock it over

  • Aniq Miharja
    Aniq Miharja

    I was scared when they hugged, the dad would say "say can we continue where we left of in my room?"

  • Lucifer Widow
    Lucifer Widow

    Hi, I’m a dumb ass ☀️ I have no idea what’s going on or who you or dar man even was before this video but now I’m highly invested 🕷 subbed.

  • Osa Ryan-Soderlund
    Osa Ryan-Soderlund

    Me sherch omg up life lessons with Louis right after watching this because I love watching cringey videos

  • Carter Marrero
    Carter Marrero

    so did he hit that?

  • potatomanflew

    life lessons with luis is another ripoff

  • Your Asian Hair Dude
    Your Asian Hair Dude

    I used to work for an Entertainment Company and this kind of Vids really hooks views. It is all based from those Chinese Videos where they make "life lessons" content and teaches people with "twist" in their plot. Most of them are Cringy and unrealistic. But some are kinda real and relatable.

  • Task Magician
    Task Magician

    I love Dharr Mans videos.

  • Roy Saxena
    Roy Saxena


  • Jaté Hews
    Jaté Hews

    I heard that a few rehab road beers are essential to recovery

  • Sam Kumpe
    Sam Kumpe

    That’s not beefeater Cody it’s clearly Bombay , love that you recognized it as gin tho

  • HannahD

    The dad looks like ancient Flamingo

  • Snopple Wopple
    Snopple Wopple


  • Bingo Bazingo
    Bingo Bazingo

    I immediately got an alcohol ad after this vid and I think that says a lot about our society

  • nineteen96_2am

    Lmaooo wow. He really plugged doge at .40. I wonder how many dumbasses listened to him

  • P M
    P M

    This is a ripoff of a much better short film called "Lily Meets Charlie" some of the scenes/dialogue have been taken word for word or scene by scene. It stars Tanya Reynolds from "Sex Education!"

  • P M
    P M

    How is this "family friendly?"

  • Antonio Garcia
    Antonio Garcia

    I’d rather give money to a dog then a homeless person just saying dogs are cute

  • Seylim Seylim
    Seylim Seylim

    Hates on Jarvis for copying. Copies Drew Gooden and the other Drew Gooden word for word.

  • Sans

    I agree totally Cody. Truelly the title of top Basic bitch channel Goes to Dhar Mann.

  • Rachel M
    Rachel M

    She looks like Dua Lipa

  • sussy

    Man copies Dhar Mann, Instantly regrets It.

  • iNateHiggers

    Dhar Mann Isnt really much special

  • Abigail

    Cody saying “what are you in a frat?” while he is dressed like he is in one 💀

  • YurrChris

    Moral of the story dont marry a karen 👍🏽

  • Vin Krishnan
    Vin Krishnan

    What was the purpose of the password though? If it was to make sure it wasn't the cops, they would have had the password anyway?

  • Pratyush Natarajan
    Pratyush Natarajan

    Imagine Luis comments...

  • Jalisaa Lanaye
    Jalisaa Lanaye

    “I’m a driver for chirst sake!!”

  • Shayla

    okay but the girl (the older version of the daughter) in the escort video is the best actress in these, that script is horrendous!

    • Panadaol

      They’re both still shit

  • alpha fish
    alpha fish


  • M R
    M R

    at least these people are actually making content instead of just sitting in front of their camera watching and criticizing everyone else’s content. Your videos are all about what they are doing, showing pictures and clips of them, complaining about them, making entire videos fueled by other peoples content, and then you complain that they are stealing content. How about you make your own content? huh?

    • Hamhamham Burburbur Gergerger
      Hamhamham Burburbur Gergerger


    • M R
      M R

      @Panadaol yeah you cant find it often if you are blind maybe, otherwise you will find it everywhere

    • Panadaol

      He has had many original videos doing random stuff. I get that making fun of others may not be original in itself but that’s much like how making a motivational video isn’t original (again in itself). But the content which he provides making fun of others is not something you can find often.

  • Julie F
    Julie F

    He was a better actor when he was talking to the wall.

  • Savannah Moore
    Savannah Moore

    My 11 year old cousins are obsessed with Dhar Mann

  • Grace Savides
    Grace Savides

    This is a great life lesson. Don't be a giant piece of shit and leave your wife and daughter to die. Truly I'll take this inspiring tale and apply it to my daily life.

  • Luzia M
    Luzia M

    100% stolen from Omeleto, even part of the dialogue wtffff

  • Marsh Mellow
    Marsh Mellow

    The pug sticker on your window 😂😭

  • SpongeBob

    Look who was caught cheating people out of their content now ( luis). Its honestly ironic the fact that he is cheating people and deceiving them about his content, when its someone else content and he has a show all about being "real and "honest"