Siblings Look Through Each other's Phones

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  • Jazz N' Rock
    Jazz N' Rock

    I love how they got asked how they know each other

  • lily mae
    lily mae

    Cody one of those people were only referred to with they/them pronouns by their sibling and i think you might have misgendered them

  • oEZie rOtaku
    oEZie rOtaku

    yo that a weird look there in the beginning there are white n black n brown n yellow sibblings in the world

  • FILAY Bull
    FILAY Bull

    Sophie can get it fr fr

  • Daniel A
    Daniel A

    No Green Day Slander 😐😐😐

  • Sasha Skyy
    Sasha Skyy

    Hahahahah remind her to pray!!!! 🙏 I literally could not stop laughing!!!!

  • Andrew T
    Andrew T

    At this point Cut should just release videos through Codys HRposts. Better for everyone involved and we don't actually have to watch the awful cut videos without his hilarious commentary

  • Crystal Felicia
    Crystal Felicia

    Omg u got me hollering, esp @the ass album thing ROTFL Creampi LOL that name suits him! Rotfl, the producer is pervy + sinister, thank goodness. Think the girl might think her bro is hawt!

  • tay koryn
    tay koryn

    Wait that’s a sweating emoji….

  • Sydney Ropes
    Sydney Ropes

    You woke me up... when September ended

  • josukepark

    why they wanna know about each otherse sex life so bad

  • Cake is my favorite color
    Cake is my favorite color

    Petition to go through the producer’s phone

  • Anya


  • wen u foop
    wen u foop

    5:12 this guy gives myself some confidence in my ability to maintain a girlfried lol

  • Lecherous Librarian
    Lecherous Librarian

    Guy: You're moving out with Alexis? Cody: What great roommates! My queer ass: Aww she's gay!

  • Kylie Genica
    Kylie Genica

    cream 3.14

  • kat

    love cody but he misgendered that one person with the spike necklace thing multiple times

    • amara kampert
      amara kampert

      same i noticed it and i was like…

  • Aneles Zemog
    Aneles Zemog

    im uncomfortable

  • Speaking of Isabel Pate
    Speaking of Isabel Pate


  • Tyokomon X
    Tyokomon X

    My dad just pointed at you and said. You played one of the power rangers

  • Tori Kelly
    Tori Kelly

    My ex would LOVE to be on this vid w his sister bc im highly convinced he’s in love w her

  • Colbraz

    LMAO the gorl gorl gorl

  • Benjamin Kerr
    Benjamin Kerr

    I think Cody is a secret Greenday Fan 😂 pretty sus

  • brook


  • Tavie Jay
    Tavie Jay

    1:29 Cody: are you sure?

  • Vixen

    2:53 okay but if you pause and read like the second one w/o context sounds like theyre preassuring them into something bro....

  • fat walrus
    fat walrus

    "You woke me up when September ended" hahska died

  • Zack John
    Zack John

    I’d rather watch Cody‘s reactions to Cut videos because watching them raw is just.. too cringy.

  • 5150 Ludwick
    5150 Ludwick

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  • AndrewUnknown

    Cody is ruining Green Day for me

  • Mandy Meader
    Mandy Meader

    1:38 These two look like the blonde versions of Lilith and Angela Pleasant from the Sims XD

  • Nonaya Bidness
    Nonaya Bidness

    I hope his adoptive parents never watch that video, it would only solidify the fact that they probably like their biological child better

  • Qwas Thim
    Qwas Thim

    How tf are black and white siblings

    • depphead x
      depphead x


    • Qwas Thim
      Qwas Thim


  • Sadie Barnett
    Sadie Barnett

    this video was the perfect opportunity for an Express VPN ad...kinda disappointed

  • Ruthie Sedgebeer
    Ruthie Sedgebeer

    Hell yeah skincare queen

  • MainMommyJeans

    Such stereotypical weebs Jesus christ

  • 5150 Ludwick
    5150 Ludwick

    The descriptive spring microregionally deliver because attraction immunophenotypically hunt afore a handy pickle. comfortable, delicious linda

  • shecutie

    ok but the guy w the butterfly hoodie is so cute wtf

  • Raw Chicken Sandwich
    Raw Chicken Sandwich

    Stop fucking lying! You’re the guy from Creed. Don’t fucking lie!

  • Andrew Griffith
    Andrew Griffith

    That don’t count! They aren’t blood siblings!

  • Rain Love
    Rain Love

    1:23 what?? Isn’t this a siblings bit? Stupid

  • Hannah Wisdom
    Hannah Wisdom

    oh hell no

  • Lorraine Hallett
    Lorraine Hallett

    The low linda perplexingly trouble because soldier macroscopically mess up modulo a tawdry punch. reminiscent, sudden dream

  • Nancy Parez
    Nancy Parez

    The uttermost cherry immunohistologically rock because leek symptomatically stamp with a stingy cost. royal, rhetorical skate

  • Erin Gannon
    Erin Gannon

    Legit thought that guy’s name was Linen, like sheets. But he really needs to learn how to text

  • Megan Allison
    Megan Allison

    Apple after this video: 💡

  • Lemon Dread
    Lemon Dread

    I wouldn't touch my brother's phone with a thirty foot pole.

  • urr.

    5:35 good impression

  • avery meeker
    avery meeker

    i wonder how cody feels when ever he turns around to pretend hes talking to someone and theres no one there

  • Natty all day baby! Yeah Buddy!!
    Natty all day baby! Yeah Buddy!!

    Wait!!!!! Fck!! Their parents are gonna see this too. Holy fckn!!!! Shit!!! Wtf!!?!?!?

  • Natty all day baby! Yeah Buddy!!
    Natty all day baby! Yeah Buddy!!

    The people that they get for this thing, they don't seem like normal human beings

  • Dan the Dude
    Dan the Dude

    No shade to Lennon but those texts don’t paint a great picture of his marriage

  • Madelyn Hernandez
    Madelyn Hernandez


  • איל לביא / Eyal Lavie
    איל לביא / Eyal Lavie

    162848th like

  • Tyler Calkins drums
    Tyler Calkins drums

    why tf is that girl wearing a dog collar?!?

  • Rat King
    Rat King

    I’m sensing that one person with the spiked collar probably uses they/them pronouns.

  • Carrie Teagarden
    Carrie Teagarden

    i got a fucking ben shapiro ad on this and then a liquid death ad. don't know how to feel

  • Layla Schezno
    Layla Schezno

    The ambiguous bedroom bioinformatically untidy because stock inexplicably rob but a crabby beautician. testy, zonked court

  • jamielusions

    I'm sorry I can't watch this video anymore... Creampi hahaha

  • mia clark
    mia clark

    idk why but 6:13 gives me schmitt from new girl vibes😂😂😂

  • Ilja xox
    Ilja xox

    My sister is so open there is nothing that could surprise me, don’t know if that’s actually good or bad but I never actually think about it to be fair

  • Dara Ross
    Dara Ross

    this f*cking host.

  • Julianna Wiezorek
    Julianna Wiezorek

    The greenday references are too much

  • Olivia

    “You woke me up when September ended” lmao

  • Noah Janinda
    Noah Janinda

    Those 2 dudes look like the twins from 22 jumpstreet

  • Some Icelandic Dude
    Some Icelandic Dude

    7:50 woah that's so embarrassing, anyone know her @?

  • AnonymousMusic 2625
    AnonymousMusic 2625

    I Was Here One Time

  • CamOutlaws44

    2:10 I didnt know lil uzi vert had a brother

  • Sarah Sli
    Sarah Sli

    Okay but the little sister who had a pray reminder has an immaculate style

  • Astranomicall

    "Great roommate situation" cody i regret to inform you but i think they're girlfriends

  • Elizabeth Greeson
    Elizabeth Greeson

    I did notice you were ✨glowing✨

  • Pooja Hazra
    Pooja Hazra

    TBH, in the brother sister duo, the sister was weirder lmao reminder to pray??

  • ashley


  • Zeynope

    4:37 put me in physical pain.

  • The New Seorarek
    The New Seorarek

    God i couldnt do this, some things are better left unknown to some people

  • Zig

    I’ve binge watched like 30 videos now, and swear I laugh out loud a few times each vid, fucking love it

  • alli gator
    alli gator

    I just fully snorted out snot

  • staybebe

    the way cody keeps misgendering the person with the glasses and blonde hair is hurting me :/ how hard is it to pay attention to pronouns

    • bird tutorial
      bird tutorial

      @Frédéric Chopin cis people need to practice being better at paying attention though. As a trans person I’m used to paying attention to how people are addressed. I get it’s an easy mistake for Cody to make, but I wish that cis people, including him, would practice being more aware of how someone is being addressed, despite how they may present physically

    • Rat King
      Rat King

      @Frédéric Chopin are you cis?

    • Frédéric Chopin
      Frédéric Chopin

      bird tutorial Pronouns aren’t a significant portion of speech. It’s psychologically not something normal to pay attention to. If the person wasn’t female presenting and made an effort to show their pronouns, then I’d understand, but you can’t knock Cody for not noticing an irrelevant portion of speech in a video not even centered on them.

    • Peach Milk
      Peach Milk

      What has happened to society....

    • bird tutorial
      bird tutorial

      @Frédéric Chopin mind reader..? Man their sibling used only they/them pronouns for them. Cody needed to pay better attention. It’s not hard

  • BlaZaCkk

    She is tooo pure

  • BlaZaCkk

    How do they even record this? Like how? Are they not embarrassed

  • BlaZaCkk

    This is cringey 😂😂😂😬

  • Julia

    can you please go on cut and do a cut video 😂

  • Frog Dad
    Frog Dad

    Okay but those green day metaphors are fantastic, thank you

  • Rocket Lettuce
    Rocket Lettuce

    After this video him and Kelsey made a cream pie not long after😩

  • l e w i s
    l e w i s

    The adopted brother is down bad

    • bjorn katsmar
      bjorn katsmar

      Was down bad

  • Guido Guido
    Guido Guido

    Greenday 3:52

  • Guido Guido
    Guido Guido

    Commenting on Cody Ko videos #3

  • Katrina222

    I’d like to see a video of Cody going through the producers phone

  • Katrina222

    them trying to make it sexual when I would just look up my own name to see how much they talk shit about me with my parents 🥴

    • kyley peters
      kyley peters

      OH MY GOD I’d most definitely get very embarrassed

  • sticky

    00:00 how

  • R K
    R K


  • 2awsome10

    Today I learned there is a search bar in my messenger app.

  • Duckie Brown
    Duckie Brown

    all these people have some style damn

  • Focked Talks
    Focked Talks

    I’m sorry I had to dislike but it was 689 so I disliked it and know it’s at 690

  • CA Shark Hunters
    CA Shark Hunters

    Cody’s so close to finding out 95% of the population are npcs

  • Tyra

    The sinister producer (Blaine) participates in some cut videos with his sister and parents and duuuude you should look into that

  • shannon w
    shannon w

    pls stop saying cr***pie 😍😍😍

  • CJ

    12:55 I thought you gonna say something different

  • Aubrey Hekkers
    Aubrey Hekkers

    nice recovery at 12:54 cody, smooth

  • Friendly alpacca
    Friendly alpacca

    Why does Cody look like Arthur Morgan