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  • Samaneh Nawaz
    Samaneh Nawaz

    i was just watching codys dog the whole time

  • Moriah

    Cody gets funnier with age. I dig it😂

  • broadway rogue
    broadway rogue

    No cap=Im not lying Cap= lies/ lying /bs

  • harry arek
    harry arek

    maybe craig just doesn’t know his prepositions

  • Lord Shaxx
    Lord Shaxx

    I’m not gonna lie I was staring at Chili the whole time

  • Mielle Dutt
    Mielle Dutt

    😂 No. “No Cap” means like no lies

  • ogre

    I am living for Chili simping for a thick squirrel

  • Sasha Skyy
    Sasha Skyy

    Your dog the whole time just staring out da window!!! I think his BFF be out there!!!

  • Mason McCarty
    Mason McCarty

    What da dog donnin?

  • Somali Luxford
    Somali Luxford

    No cap means no lie freind

  • Heekwheek

    please cut your hair you already look old

  • Claire

    Craig's other video on this channel when he was married that he did was funny lol he done the drink or truth game with his mother-in-law (who obviously isn't his mother in law anymore!)

  • Chuck Barns
    Chuck Barns

    kody no cap means that the person doesent like hats

  • marandaification

    Cody I know I’m late but are you okay? Why are you always confused?

  • Michael Matthews
    Michael Matthews

    I'm not a huge fan of cartoons either. It's not that I dislike them, I just don't choose to watch them really. I have so much media available to watch, I just don't seem to have time for cartoons. I have Netflix, Hulu, Prime, Disney+, Curiosity Stream, Spectrum, HBO, WRC (rally racing), Discovery+, History, A&E, RedBull TV, Tubi, Animal Planet, Peacock, Twitch, and probably a couple more I'm just not thinking of.

  • Michael Matthews
    Michael Matthews

    In the first clip, they spelled "thicc" wrong

  • Tatiana Gaudin
    Tatiana Gaudin

    craig is wholesome

  • EdwardCS

    What the dog doing

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith

    “No 🧢 ma lady “ 🥸

  • CeCe Ariel
    CeCe Ariel

    I swear, at some point I though Cody was using a greenscreen of his place because Chili was a complete statue for more than half of the video.

  • yes

    No cap, m'lady

  • dsdespina1

    Watching the same cartoons is a top priority!

  • - Belphegirl -
    - Belphegirl -

    I like how he said they wouldn’t know the same cartoons, meanwhile I’ve seen shows from the 60s and I’m 19 (granted not cartoons but still).

  • Mellissa Hambides
    Mellissa Hambides

    The step-bro scene had me rolling

  • Marissa Kaiser
    Marissa Kaiser

    I love how the drum set thing went right over the moms head

  • User 315
    User 315

    Whose bright idea was it to put such a light purple background behind the whitest people I’ve ever seen. They literally blend in lmao

  • Matthew Evans
    Matthew Evans

    3:40 I think he means the generation gap is so big, and he's using cartoons as an example. He probably doesn't watch cartoons, it's like a figure of speech I guess

  • J'Lyn Morlang
    J'Lyn Morlang

    Cody that ending was a little flirty….I’m telling Kelsey….

  • Brett Thomas
    Brett Thomas

    Chili was the true star of this video

  • Azalea Atkin
    Azalea Atkin

    I think he means her eyes are piercing…

  • Ebony Miller
    Ebony Miller

    did you taxidermy chili?

  • nana amj
    nana amj

    Killer eyes that what he meant😄

  • Aet

    cody should watch avatar the last airbender

  • Bryan Dowling
    Bryan Dowling

    No cap comes from dentistry work. Look it up. Its wild

  • Kendra

    The cartoon thing is about cartoons you watched growing up, not as adults. Like basically saying we’d have nothing about our childhoods in common because of the age gap, so the references we would make would be lost on each other

  • María Vélez Cote
    María Vélez Cote

    Help me stepbro I’m stuck in the washing machineee

  • BMoney8600

    I never knew of Meat Canyon

  • Jimmy Rodriguez
    Jimmy Rodriguez

    cody please do us all a favor and never take your hat off again

  • Elise Embree
    Elise Embree

    cody this one is comedy gold

  • Elise Embree
    Elise Embree

    the cartoon heart to heart genuinely had me crying. i love u cody

  • Maria Perez
    Maria Perez

    Step up your cartoon game cody

  • Mr. Mur
    Mr. Mur

    Saludos Cody, buen sentido del humor y crítica

  • Marie Francis
    Marie Francis

    I think he means “your eyes are killer”

  • Relatable

    At 6:03 I legit though Cody was going to say: "He is a Craig guy"

  • Arctic Summer
    Arctic Summer

    Cody is such a trendsetter that he’s been going strong with the dad bod for years

  • almost x famous
    almost x famous

    I overslept my flight to Costa Rica from Europe this morning....

  • jenny morales
    jenny morales

    chili looks human

  • Reese Manfredi
    Reese Manfredi

    Cody not getting this is getting old, just like him.

  • Bahi Nour
    Bahi Nour

    Chili was meditating for straight up 8 minutes

  • Cryptic Escape
    Cryptic Escape

    no cap m'lady

  • Smartskull 21
    Smartskull 21

    That dog is more focused on than i will ever be

  • Kingz_ H
    Kingz_ H

    No cap M’Lady 😂

  • Isa Heller
    Isa Heller

    cartoons are so gooooood watch all of them watch adventure time

  • James Hayes
    James Hayes

    That pale guy is fucked

    • James Hayes
      James Hayes

      This show is fucked

  • Elle Xvii
    Elle Xvii

    😭 “I don’t watch cartoons, i mean i watch BoJack Horseman” meememememe

  • grrachi


  • Celia Saumell
    Celia Saumell

    Craig seemed nice

  • Katrielle Carney
    Katrielle Carney

    The sales trick you were trying to think of is the Door-in-the-face technique! You start with a big request then make a smaller one so the person is more likely to comply

  • Hardy Dolge
    Hardy Dolge


  • Isabella Escudero
    Isabella Escudero

    The eyes comment I think was referring to the line of looks could kill LMAO I love you Cody but idk just a guess😇😩

  • T r
    T r

    i screamed when he took his hat off

  • PBsandJs

    I think he meant cartoons that you watched when you were a kid

  • keely

    Cody’s rug pisses me off

  • Heather Woolridge
    Heather Woolridge

    chili standing there blair witch style

  • Luka Rose
    Luka Rose

    I was so distracted by Chili for like 2/3 of the video, he was just 👁👁

  • Trey Bishop
    Trey Bishop

    I dig the golfwang hat

  • ryland moreno
    ryland moreno


  • Meggy

    i literally only watched chili. the whole time

  • angie !
    angie !

    come on Cody outta all the cartoons u say bojack horseman??? thats real sad😭🤣

  • Ima Go Apesht
    Ima Go Apesht

    Was Chili Taxidermied?!

  • Dustin Harris
    Dustin Harris

    Is this not the guy from the cut video where he sat down with his wife's mom and she straight up said she hated him?

  • conservat1vepatr1ot DL
    conservat1vepatr1ot DL

    This dude doesn’t know how to talk. Period. Not to girls, just generally.

    • F300

      Hes funny i like him

  • SS

    just trying to find a comment that isn't about cody's dog

  • faller913


  • David Surio
    David Surio

    The dog consumed our consciousness

  • Jordan Mekonnen
    Jordan Mekonnen

    Take a chill pill Cody!!

  • Whoishint

    what da dog doin

  • Lukas Simpson
    Lukas Simpson

    EARRING 👌🏽

  • 2 Many Ball Faces
    2 Many Ball Faces

    Cody asking what “no cap” means was the cutest little sub bit.

  • NE KO
    NE KO

    I made spaghetti and spend the last 15 minutes looking for god damn good video to watch, now my spaghetti is cold but I finally found a video, thanks dude

  • Magsi Maginski
    Magsi Maginski

    Is chili even alive? He could be a taxidermy

  • Devonte Hardimon
    Devonte Hardimon

    *Cody going on multiple spiels* Chili: "We are but specks in a constantly expanding universe that we can't even fathom"

    • XD


  • Annemilaurie Clarkpinberg
    Annemilaurie Clarkpinberg

    "or was clyde the girl" has me screaminnnngg

  • ParkseyBeams

    The eye part makes no sense

  • brady kuehl
    brady kuehl

    these comments r killing me

  • JustAnotherJohn

    The woman behind the camera seems mean

  • Ajfergy

    wait hes 37?

  • Sofia Tesic
    Sofia Tesic

    gotta get meatcanyon on board

  • Gerald Pal
    Gerald Pal

    Just the complete “flabbergastment” from Cody on the mom pickup line got me 😂

  • YouDoBeTrippinTho

    Love you too loser

  • Tejasvi Thakare
    Tejasvi Thakare

    I can't stop looking at Cody's dog

  • Isaac Gepperti
    Isaac Gepperti

    What da dog doin

  • cassidy mcpartland
    cassidy mcpartland

    i came to check for chili comments and they didn’t disappoint…

  • Mr Gregory
    Mr Gregory

    My dog is named chewy too!!!

  • yo yo
    yo yo

    Dude cody has a mullet now?! I knew mullets were in.

  • Burak Dağ
    Burak Dağ

    I feel like cody doesnt have to comment on every word he hears. But he does. Why are you doing this to us cody. Why dont you let people talk and then maybe there is something funny to talk about..

  • Emily F
    Emily F

    why did Cody's hair under his hat catch me off guard

  • Izzy Perez
    Izzy Perez

    I was so confused by that first line, as well wtf

  • TL Tilley
    TL Tilley

    10:25 Cody questioned whether or not he’d be with Kelsey for 40 years

  • Acille Slime
    Acille Slime

    Chilli chilli is the best step aside cody we got a new star in the channel besides chilli's hair is prettier than yours