Luxury Apocalypse Bunkers??
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  • 1930sOriginalMan

    I haven't watched what's inside in a while but holy shit it's weird hearing Lincoln talk

  • Santiago Tellez
    Santiago Tellez

    Mrbeast bunker

  • AR GW
    AR GW

    7:40 "JERRY, that's a LOAD BEARING stripper pole".

  • Kayla Crouch
    Kayla Crouch

    District 13 vibes

  • aggressively_average

    what would we need while staying in the same small place, with the same group of people for an undified period of time while there is an apocalypse happening a few feet away from those walls? right, guns. we need weapons.

  • Blank Stares
    Blank Stares

    Did these people never hear about or see Resident Evil?

  • yikes!!!

    6:47 we just gonna gloss over the fact that someone wrote “sex” in sand and the show had to blur it or

  • Colton Pittman
    Colton Pittman

    I like that they act like the city water lines will still work?

  • Cory Ball
    Cory Ball

    I mean to be legit, what he says is intelligent just not correct. These people already have the fear, he is providing the solution. That much is true. The only thing is is he shares the fear as well. So in a sense he is not playing into peoples fear but yet instead spreading false narratives to further his own narrative so he can profit.

  • Cory Ball
    Cory Ball

    Why did he sound like Riff Raff from Rocky Horror when he said "We aren't in Kansas anymore"?

  • Olivia Zinck
    Olivia Zinck

    the pool room in the first bunker looks like one of those rooms that you feel like you’ve been in before in a dream

  • Pankou

    if you watch mr beast you already know

  • Kathryn

    It looks like a very confusing funeral home

  • Jack Brady
    Jack Brady

    dude at the end was legend

  • aurora r
    aurora r

    the "big old living room" looks like the storage room for all the furniture and other random items from portal hole in Alice in Wonderland

  • CanDie Be
    CanDie Be

    Lol thanks for that outro. Riiiight back atcha.

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith

    “Holds 5 human heads and 4 bodies “ I know for a fact the dude that passed away in the bed is in there … how come no one else put that together

  • MrYoungMountain

    Why is nobody talking about the large dirt drawing that says *ex in the front yard?

  • Monte

    The second one just looks like it's out of a "Places you've seen in your dreams" video

  • Rock Hash
    Rock Hash

    18 mill for 1980s tech... They could of at least updated the "windows".

  • TheFreshPrinceOfSaiyans

    Did they not consider a situation of not having any power in that condo though? Like, I hope there’s stairs in addition to the elevator cause uh. I’m sensing some problems, lmao.

  • Brooke Baluyot
    Brooke Baluyot

    is hitler on the wall?

  • Paloma S
    Paloma S

    The fact that the world is ending would leave me in some kind of distress to where I just can't pole dance 😢.

  • Luke Dash
    Luke Dash

    if the bunker looks like a dick, then basically the bunker is fucking kansas

  • brylie

    do tiny houses

  • UberBoss227

    Cody casually goes bunker shopping

  • Communism is when no iPhone !
    Communism is when no iPhone !

    These people do not know the definition of anarchy. Anarchy doesn’t equal chaos

  • Raul Queiroz
    Raul Queiroz

    The vegas one could 100% be a fallout vault

  • Jaxx Sharp
    Jaxx Sharp

    Okay.. If you've ever read the book/watched the movie high rise you'd know how bad of an idea that first one is. THIS IS JUST THE PLOT OF HIGH RISE UNDERGROUND

  • kristianna Robinson
    kristianna Robinson

    ....."seating for lots of guests" Me: "WHAT GUESTS????"

  • atheia kid
    atheia kid

    That vegas bunker looks like a porno production suite

  • Mae Howley
    Mae Howley

    Where are the floor plans Cody? Essential information is severely LACKING. Lots of love your fave architects xoxoxo

    • Mae Howley
      Mae Howley

      P.S. Pls do more architecture reviews. Thx.

  • Dash Flores
    Dash Flores

    Reminds me of fallout shelter

  • silly goose
    silly goose

    so you’re supposed to survive the apocalypse in a bunker that the owner couldn’t even survive regular life in..?

  • Thrasher The Garbage Trasher
    Thrasher The Garbage Trasher

    He called the stripper DRAMAMINE, FUCKIN HELARIOUS!!!!

  • Kate Mulkey
    Kate Mulkey

    Yo mama has a glass eye; it's a reflection

  • jaelynsky

    There are places in vegas that actually accomplish making the inside look like outside. Why didn’t they try to do the same affect instead of the cheesy Hollywood hills and blue lol

  • Johnathan Flannagan
    Johnathan Flannagan

    I looked up that stat, 1,000% more than 2 is 22 people LOL that's crazy real estate bruh XD

  • ImNotThatGuy

    How has nobody asked how the two tour guides got those tan lines? I like to wear a beanie daily, and I pull it down over my eyes in Nevada where it's hot as shit. I don't even know how that happens. Lmfao. The good ole Nevada farmers tan.

  • Telepek Telepkowy
    Telepek Telepkowy

    18 million dollar bunker and the only "protection" from the outside world is an elevator shaft? Sounds... safe.

  • Indi J
    Indi J

    Stripper pole for stripper zombies 😫

  • Shay W
    Shay W

    if theres a zombie apocalypse how would there still be running water

  • Mario

    I’ll be a zombie thank you very munch.

  • Daniel Gomez
    Daniel Gomez

    $1.5M is actually not that crazy for a 3 bedroom. Has San Francisco just ruined me? That would be cheap here, and this one is underground with a medical bay and pool inside.

  • Mrs. Robinson
    Mrs. Robinson

    The nuclear bunker turned into an LSD lab and insane mansion is the dopest bunker I've heard of.

  • Sophie Wolf
    Sophie Wolf

    I feel bad for that Tom Felton kid... idkw tho

  • lacroixboi marx
    lacroixboi marx

    The $18 million one is a hooters meets an elderly assistance home

  • Gapb

    I got so distracted by planet X that I started browsing Wikipedia for far objects that still circle the sun and there is actually something like planet X. It's called planet nine and it is a hypothetical planet, but it just assumed to be there to explain the orbits of other objects in the same distance. So it's not going to kill us, when they find out it's real, but it' still pretty dope And it's in a distance where a year takes like 10000 to 200000 years so we probably would still have some time

  • Evalyn Kirkpatrick
    Evalyn Kirkpatrick

    The bustling inventory expectably interfere because lumber successfully flash a a lovely euphonium. quixotic, unsightly dresser

  • Nathan Hills
    Nathan Hills

    Just realized that the first bunker was used in the filming of a Transformers film. No idea why that makes me laugh

  • Buggytron

    The Las Vegas one looks like a really shitty furniture store

  • Simmer Downow
    Simmer Downow

    The silo wrapped a big underground dick called a missile so technically it’s a big underground condom.

  • ZeidGho

    8:02 that boy needs to start bench pressing asap

  • Kassandra Harrison
    Kassandra Harrison

    dramamine the stripper

  • Cory D
    Cory D

    So... Are those bunkers SUPPOSED to remind me of a massive graveyard?

  • jamie

    i’m pretty sure i saw the pink kitchen in a dream💀

  • Sutton Florer
    Sutton Florer

    Cody where are you

  • kayla popplewell
    kayla popplewell

    Kody ko is pretty co co cute… lol off to bed now

  • Nate Turner
    Nate Turner

    Wait you aren’t supposed to wipe after using one of those? 😂😂 wtf gross.

  • Anna Stewart
    Anna Stewart

    they’re prepping for the class war

  • SlimeQ

    that butt rock sample cody plays all the time when he's riffing makes my brain hurt

  • Rick Troutner
    Rick Troutner

    Take off the headphones Cody


    The bunkers are in the event of a class war lmfaooooooo

  • Clover Bug
    Clover Bug

    okay i love the pink kitchen ngl

  • Jose

    You just not gonna show the inside of those bunkers at the end

  • emipexu

    2nd place is like a weird fever dream. Definitely haunted

  • Kara Lowe
    Kara Lowe

    gopher? i hardly know her

  • Jenny Ray
    Jenny Ray

    sorry to un-like ya Cody, but when you spout vulgarity for no real reason it just sounds stupid...

  • Seth McBride
    Seth McBride

    How are any of those places going to have power and water if all the power plant and waterworks people are dead

  • Mia

    Cody ko, can you react to will tennyson?

  • Julia Forbush
    Julia Forbush

    The pink kitchen literally looks like Heather's kitchen from Heathers with Winona Ryder, does anyone know what I'm talking about?? I'm starting to be convinced that they literally shot the blue poison scene in that underground bunker pink kitchen

  • Dante Cupelli
    Dante Cupelli

    The bunkers for just the cheap price of 35,000 is 100% a cult and nobody can convince me otherwise

  • איל לביא / Eyal Lavie
    איל לביא / Eyal Lavie

    9:48 there was a lotto ad and I thought it was part of the video 😂

  • wungi

    If this pandemic's taught me anything it's that rich people can have nice houses and they'll still want to go outside and face easily avoidable threats, so all this is redundant I bet

  • Justin Lacombe
    Justin Lacombe

    9:21 How to inflate the hell out of a price tag. 10:46 They're trolling now.

  • hollimaria1789

    Still no locust???WTAF?????

  • logan curtin
    logan curtin

    5 heads and 4 bodies, the owner is in there vibing.

  • Tyoda

    Who's going to keep up with the power grid when the world ends?

  • DevilDog 659
    DevilDog 659

    5:07 dude not only puts a riser for the scope on top of the gun but puts another riser on top of the first, what the hell is that height over bore Christ with that kinda stupidity I hope they die

  • mominur islam
    mominur islam

    The parallel botany philly sail because cowbell phylogenitically drown concerning a oceanic soccer. unused, chunky turkish

  • Benjamin Coury
    Benjamin Coury

    Best ending to any video

  • Laila Eileen
    Laila Eileen

    The faithful snowstorm inherently guarantee because distance dewailly relax lest a bewildered drawbridge. observant, delicate consonant

  • This is a bad idea
    This is a bad idea

    Hold on, but imagine stripper polling down the floors

  • Mark Ashton
    Mark Ashton

    He coulda said “NOW we’re IN Kansas”

  • donal playz
    donal playz

    Mr beast was here

  • Micah Marshall
    Micah Marshall

    I don’t think the 2nd one is supposed to be a bunker

  • A B
    A B


  • Olive Wessel
    Olive Wessel

    Did no one else notice how it says "sex" on the lawn outside the second one...

  • Anika Bialecki
    Anika Bialecki

    I wonder how many preppers went to their bunkers once Covid started and didn't tell anyone.

  • kaijah

    what if there was a nuclear attack and it hits your damn bunker

  • Liam Read
    Liam Read

    lmfao everybody knows the location of the bunker they just gonna come and kill everybody it and steal it for themselves

  • Brandon Garcia
    Brandon Garcia


  • Panini Wasteland
    Panini Wasteland

    Bro I wouldn't want to live underground. I've seen Resident Evil.

  • Gabriella Oguro
    Gabriella Oguro

    That looked like me making huge houses at The Sims, didn't make any sense at all

  • Alice Montoriol
    Alice Montoriol

    Cody is SO funny I’m literally lmao at 2am

  • msjaz21100

    If we ignore the bunker part and you threw rangers in that 18million dollar underground bunker.. that would be fun as fuck with no noise complaints

  • Chris Rosenberger
    Chris Rosenberger

    Also how are these your guides in the real estate video never self aware of how dumb they sound lmao

  • Chris Rosenberger
    Chris Rosenberger

    Why does it look like you’re in a log cabin on a cruise ship lmao

  • Nom Nom Nom
    Nom Nom Nom

    That 2nd place looks like it was designed after a nudist colony in Florida 👨🏻 And the guy showing it looks like an Ex-Christian Minister ready to join. 👨🏼

  • Dave Sunhammer
    Dave Sunhammer

    Here is another stupid thing about underground bunkers made from old missle silos... old missle silos that the Russians and Chinese have the coordinates for and still think are active. Old missle silos that they want to nuke thinking they are military value targets. Smart. You should charge double.