Interview w/ Jeremy Fragrance
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  • Levi & Toji's Pet
    Levi & Toji's Pet

    He talks like a drunk underpaid philosopher 😭

  • Angelo Martin
    Angelo Martin

    this guys like an anime character, i fucking love it 😂 tell him to watch a compilation of allmight from my hero acadamia or 7 deadly sins escanor. Thats him

  • Ryan McFadden
    Ryan McFadden

    too Easy

  • Jill Smith
    Jill Smith

    I like Jeremy a lot more now 😂😂

  • lee

    am i too high or did this dude just keep talking about unrelated topics every time cody asks a question LMAOO

  • Colleen C.
    Colleen C.

    Hi Anthony! The relationship coach 👋

  • Peach R
    Peach R

    I love Jeremy Fragrance but I have no damn clue what he’s talking about. I’m just pleasantly listening.

  • scottie ellsworth
    scottie ellsworth

    How does he manage to talk about absolutely nothing for so long?? And how did Cody manage to actually respond and interact???

  • maddie blevins
    maddie blevins

    cody just looks so confused

  • Cati

    For those without adhd this is what it sounds like inside our brains

  • Katherine Knapik
    Katherine Knapik

    bro when's your pizza coming out? fr though I feel like you should do a popcorn or a chip or something so we can snack on it while we watch your videos

  • Snuffy !
    Snuffy !

    Jeremy is pretty cool, he does what he likes! I mean you only live once right

  • Ha

    This guy is ADHD

  • declan


  • Nene

    canadians be like

  • Madi D.
    Madi D.

    This is like when you have a conversation and you’re like... wait how did we get here in the convo? Except it feels like that with every sentence

  • Francesco

    This is what having max charisma looks like

  • Kick

    It's good that it's all organic 😅

  • Coulton Brothers - Official
    Coulton Brothers - Official

    To mock but then talk to the man behind, Cody is so mature (not old, mature)

  • MellowMadnessRMX

    The next fragrance by Jeremy.. titled.. Cocaine.

  • christopher columbus
    christopher columbus

    jermy has to be a libra bruh or libra rising cause god damn he loves to talk

  • Anna Rae
    Anna Rae

    He loves to hear himself talk 🥲

  • Meradith Schaller
    Meradith Schaller

    “blind people can’t smell it “

    • declan

      im still trying figure out why he said that

  • Elisabeth König
    Elisabeth König

    At 12:50, he doesn't say "craft" but "Kraft" which just means power/energy in German lol, in case anyone was confused

  • OptimizedPran

    This guy is on like day 900 nofap

  • rawr

    watching cody react to him doing push-ups is taking me out 😭😭😭😭

  • Rae Elaine
    Rae Elaine

    for some reason his little “yeah!” after cody asked about a brand deal SENT MEEEEE

  • Hello Hello
    Hello Hello

    This guy Jeremy awesome qualities, Mash'Allah.

  • Matthew Kaczmarek
    Matthew Kaczmarek

    I love this guy

  • Hannah Ritter
    Hannah Ritter

    PLEASE do a video on sadhguru omg

  • JoeyOutLoud

    Omg that’s so german 😂 the Abercrombie craze

  • Ocean

    I wished they actually talked about the rape accusation direction towards him that he and his friend created a fake gay story to escape from it. I tried to search for articles about it, but nothing came up

    • Mairazz

      Because thats was a lie

  • Dan the Dude
    Dan the Dude

    I wonder how much of his weirdness is drugs and how much is German

    • Apple Nelson
      Apple Nelson


  • Dan the Dude
    Dan the Dude

    Blind people couldn't smell it???

  • Dark Unit42
    Dark Unit42

    I mean we all know he just didn’t mb before this so his face wasn’t ready

  • Mira Aljarrah
    Mira Aljarrah

    Like- the way Jeremy is trying to keep in touch with you is so german 😭💀

  • Garrett monahan
    Garrett monahan

    So he totally admitted that he is pushing fragrances that don't even have a smell😂😂

  • NotaVoltorb

    Why did you change the outro song section I'm mad

  • U.c.k no.1
    U.c.k no.1

    10:00 i can relate him on this line

  • Crumbs

    We are all NPC's in Jeremy's world

  • Skylar Steven Smith
    Skylar Steven Smith

    This mans wisdom knows no bounds

  • Itsjackinth3hat

    Haha makes scents

  • zack denton
    zack denton

    you should do a drunk QnA

  • madzhatter

    Interview turned ted talk ?

  • madzhatter

    You can tell how hard Cody is holding himself back from laughing.

  • Jaspreet

    i love how cody isn't even asking him anything he just keeps talking and talking and talking AJSHSBSH

  • Jason Weston
    Jason Weston

    best "Interview " on the internet

  • sc


  • sc


  • Angel Cantu
    Angel Cantu

    Jeremy should definitely be featured in a TMG song

  • tyberius drac
    tyberius drac

    jeremy fragrance is a winner

  • JojoMonke

    Wait Jeremy is Canadian? Im so confused.

  • Sammi Vingo
    Sammi Vingo

    wait... do I like this guy now????

  • Danielle Lynch
    Danielle Lynch

    He does cocaine makes sense🤔

  • BiffaSlick

    wow he has such positive energy, I love this lol

  • Izzy

    This was gold.

  • awsten knight’s golden fork
    awsten knight’s golden fork


  • Sasha Skyy
    Sasha Skyy

    Lol he’s just still doing push-ups!!!!

  • Jen nifer
    Jen nifer

    So I don’t know you and your channel but I am addicted to Jeremy Reactions 😂 it’s a thing in germany so I searched for more and now I’m here 😂😂😂

  • Digital Mad
    Digital Mad

    he definitely does 10 lines a day

  • Chaotic G
    Chaotic G

    This guy is so cool. Really honest and funny. He even thanked Cody for broadcasting about him. Most people try to play humble. Respect! 😃

  • Kenrick Beuth
    Kenrick Beuth

    I wish Cody asked Jeremy about his sex allegations 😂

  • Devin Says
    Devin Says

    I love this because I go from thinking “that guy is a lunatic” to thinking “that’s just a dude trying to be happy with himself when he goes to bed at night” and tbh, I can just go fuck myself.

  • Yo

    He might be wild but his mentality is golden and his drive is STREENNGGTHHHH

  • Megan

    so true bestie

  • Cynique OwO
    Cynique OwO

    Turns out this guys a super smart salesman

  • Frank Prior
    Frank Prior

    You all seem to be laughing at Jeremy, but oh God he's certainly doing better than you. In any case, he certainly doesn't have a money problem. POWER! 😂

  • Justin Cruz
    Justin Cruz

    This kinda makes me want to try frozen pizza. There are probably men out there who wish they were just *half* as eccentric as this character known as Jeremy Fragrance.

  • Vanessa Isabelle
    Vanessa Isabelle

    as a german, i just absolutely cannot watch this, it's too painful im so sorry

  • Atticus Kayser
    Atticus Kayser

    That was electric

  • Nia Pope
    Nia Pope


  • Camryn Daniels
    Camryn Daniels

    pls i kind of love him

  • yakakashi

    Jeremy is giving me a Reinhardt type of vibe. He is a walking character.

  • srmyinitials

    Omg, this guy's crazy! It's impossible to keep a straight face when Jeremy is talking. Cody was so awkward during the pushup scene lol

  • AK Carruthers
    AK Carruthers

    What toppings are on the Cody Ko?

  • JHH VV
    JHH VV

    If he’s the fragrance guy shouldn’t he live in Cologne?

  • NeoTank

    Cody ko is trapped...

  • Matt Anderson
    Matt Anderson

    Dude is a cocaine fueled cringe factory.

    • Matt Anderson
      Matt Anderson

      @akhbar allahu Cody seems like a swell guy. Jeremy, however, is a mile wide douche and has always been a joke.

    • akhbar allahu
      akhbar allahu

      Cringe? This guy's awesome

  • Lily Girard
    Lily Girard

    okay but his song wasn't horrible edit: ive now listened to the full song, 11/10

  • hannah.e

    I really don’t like how he pronounces the word “Kraft” (strength)

  • Coco Beanz
    Coco Beanz

    The noises as Cody is watching him do one-handed push-ups sent me to an early grave.

  • SharkMeat

    wierd man. so odd

  • lambs

    Ending was the best, when he’s screaming while doing shirtless one-armed push-ups and Cody is losing his shit

  • Alan Parana
    Alan Parana

    I’d buy Cody’s frozen pizza.

  • ola 77
    ola 77

    This guy kinda wholesome, he bought an apartment for his grandma, he bought his mom an apartment in Miami, after this video he will probably buy apartments for all 10 of his girls

  • wooderbuttle

    cody. you have to do the frozen pizza idea lol

  • wooderbuttle

    i love that you made this happen.

  • Meghan

    jeremy: "cody thank you for this, it gives me money"

    • DeflatingAtheism

      See, he's already gone L.A.!

  • 94JAVS

    Jeremy is such a genuine guy lmao you can't just but love this guy, what a fucking legend

  • Ava

    Cody’s facial expressions just say it all😂😂

  • Jack Fitzgerald
    Jack Fitzgerald

    im so confused...what is this dude talkin bout?

  • NoggeHA


  • Steve

    What’s wrong with having an ikea shelf

  • Aaron Abele
    Aaron Abele

    The photoshopped video of him doing the pushups with the audio is hilarious😂

  • Aaron Abele
    Aaron Abele

    I love Jeremy!😂

  • Vistafy


  • Adreena Marie
    Adreena Marie

    I really like him

  • Adreena Marie
    Adreena Marie

    I would buy your pizza

  • Ian hamilton
    Ian hamilton

    He’s such a positive guy

  • kerry rose
    kerry rose

    okay but what is in that guys pocket when hes doing those pushups wtf