Dharr Mann copycats are getting WORSE somehow
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  • Divyanshi Bright
    Divyanshi Bright

    Cody: laughing about deepfaked denzel Me: looking at his dog in the background

  • Hannah CB
    Hannah CB

    How come in all of these videos the wronged person always ends up being "important" or having a unique sob story? Why can't the villain be punished regardless of the wronged person's status or life? How about we make the message "don't be an asshole because you just shouldn't be an asshole" instead of "don't be an asshole because karma."

  • Christian Logue
    Christian Logue

    right and they both stole it from Oldboy so? idk who gives a shit if its stolen, you're right about it being shit content tho

  • Nick Damen
    Nick Damen

    Atleast they arnt doing corny McDonald’s commercials on tiktok like you

  • Ricardo “oso”Alvarez
    Ricardo “oso”Alvarez

    I’m sure someone already beat me to this but I’m too lazy to check. But that king king line came from Denzel in the movie training day🤟

  • Cameron Chewning
    Cameron Chewning

    Yeah omleto is amazing!!

  • jjWaterbury


  • jjWaterbury

    im in public rn and ii cant stop laughing at the fake Denzel and ppl lookin at me weird

  • WR3NCH .H
    WR3NCH .H

    the yms comment going right over cody’s head is hilarious

  • Gavin Stewart
    Gavin Stewart

    Anyone else catch that Cody said he doesn’t know who King Kong is??😂

  • Calisthetic

    “King Kong ain’t got shit on me” is a line taken from training day’s ending, something that the real Denzel Washington said

  • itz Mozzarxlla
    itz Mozzarxlla

    It’s sad enough they deep fake Denzel Washington but to steal one of his lines from training day also……..my lord

  • Raven Hill-Peters
    Raven Hill-Peters

    Literally all of what Cody said about Denzel Washington was what I said to myself when I saw him in the thumbnail... I fucking love Denzel Washington. It's hard to believe him and Cody are the same age.

  • Sam Jay
    Sam Jay

    Cody protecting his boy Dhar Mann

  • mason miller
    mason miller

    100K likes damn

  • Imtoast

    so sorry but what the fuck was that intro

  • Nick Best
    Nick Best

    The comment praising the deepfake was a joke, YourMovieSucksDOTorg has over 1 million subs

  • Xiomara

    fake Denzel looks like a Sims caracter came alive

  • cherryTIE

    5:31... How absurdly acted. Lol

  • Catinthehat

    12:22 ok? Sugar gay

  • Deya Chaudhuri
    Deya Chaudhuri

    Aw the anime filter came off.

  • Ben Purcell
    Ben Purcell

    why does the police chief look like he's from GTA

  • Littlechicken Friend
    Littlechicken Friend

    Cant believe he got brad Pitt in this

  • Bernd Daniels
    Bernd Daniels

    8:49 it just looks like a gta v cutscene xD

  • Kenley Hewitt
    Kenley Hewitt

    me watching Chili move to different spots in the room behind Cody the whole time

  • PuftProductions

    11:39 I don’t think Cody knows who yms is, which kind of makes this funnier

  • mitch szatkowski
    mitch szatkowski

    The fact that Cody has no clue about King Kong 😂😂😂😂 I love it

  • Leonardo Ramos
    Leonardo Ramos

    honestly imagine being a small actor, getting hired for that cop sketch and acting your ass off just for them to put denzel whashingtons face over yours

  • Night Gear
    Night Gear

    Cody looking like a beet farmer in this vid

  • Soviet federation
    Soviet federation


  • ParmesanCheese

    It hurt my soul a bit that you didn't know where "King Kong ain't got shit on me" came from. It's from the movie "Training Day" with Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke. And that you didn't pick up on YMS, who was obviously trolling the guy. He's a movie reviewer.

  • Monster Condoala
    Monster Condoala

    I fucking cant

  • Alena Hasbrouck
    Alena Hasbrouck

    has cody done a video about those girls that make those weird food fetish videos? like one time the girls made sundae in a toilet. or put sandwich toppings all along a counter top.

  • Sarumes

    How the fuck have you never heard of King Kong OR Training Day!?

  • Brooke O'Brian
    Brooke O'Brian

    i would watch the shit out of brad pitt reacting to a cut video and im not afraid to admit it

  • Rey _Skywalker
    Rey _Skywalker

    It looks like a video game

  • Tom

    Dhar Mann is the best. Nobody can impersonate him, no matter how hard they try

  • nabeel faizal
    nabeel faizal


  • Slice My Soup
    Slice My Soup

    omg the yms comment

  • Joanne Buckley
    Joanne Buckley

    and it reminds me of detroit become human 🤣🤣

  • Joanne Buckley
    Joanne Buckley

    It's like they tried to do a skin graft on robocop 🤣🤣🤣

  • Joel Joestar
    Joel Joestar

    Cody hasn’t watched training day and that hurts me

  • Coley o
    Coley o

    I really like this video! STOLEN!!!

  • friendsfreak

    Are we not gonna talk about Chili just casually balancing on the windowsill?

  • friendsfreak

    Pro tip: when you want to deep fake face, you need to use more than one photo.

  • playdle


  • Lulu

    Cody I need a video of you learning about King Kong because I’m sincerely concerned

  • Sasha Skyy
    Sasha Skyy

    Omg I could not stop laughing. When he looked out the window. Like wtf was that. Lol when he turned to the side it genuinely looked like his head was coming off of his body!! Ah hahah 🤣 the lips weren’t even going with the words!!

  • Trump2024

    Cops are good!!!

  • arfalow arfalow
    arfalow arfalow

    The Denzel Washington deepfake reminds me of a ps2 character

  • Tanner Holmes
    Tanner Holmes

    Plot Twist: The girl truly *WAS* causing fear in the neighborhood.

  • Aidan Harley
    Aidan Harley

    They might steal his style, but they'll never steal Dhar Mann's eyebrows.

  • Dr1ver

    The King Kong line was from Training Day, from the real Denzel’s performance

  • coris wrld
    coris wrld


  • Martovi

    I can't believe Cody just brushed off YMS' comment like that

  • Sklik

    They really took the concept of being a clone LITERALLY

  • Marcus Hall
    Marcus Hall

    Deep faking should be low key illegal

  • Spencer Dameo
    Spencer Dameo

    the denzel deepfake literally looks like it was taken out of LA Noir

  • Emma Hill
    Emma Hill

    I highly doubt that they ever intended to deepfake Denzel Washington, the video just needed to be a couple of minutes longer so that they could monetize it

  • Anna S
    Anna S

    The Denzel face reveal has me rolling

  • Elchuko

    Training Day

  • ren

    Cody: i love you Cody: *instant regret*

  • ren

    I love that he sounds nothing like him either

  • Larry The latte
    Larry The latte

    The man in the thumbnail looks like bill cosby from the Cosby show

  • Henry Jackson
    Henry Jackson

    That denzel isn't even a deep fake, or if it is its incredibly bad. Literally looks like a Snapchat filter

  • Abhijit Bhattacharyya
    Abhijit Bhattacharyya

    1:43 I LITERALLY DIED LAUGHING AT THIS POINT 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Jackiie Universe
    Jackiie Universe

    sameer really is a wild card

  • Bessie MaeBae
    Bessie MaeBae

    I think youre cooler than Brad Pitt 🥺 id much rather watch your videos hahaha

  • Harlan Lawson (Andrømeda)
    Harlan Lawson (Andrømeda)

    It's okay Cody we know you have a soft spot for Dhar Mann

  • AwkrdW1llCmdy

    I feel like deep faking celebrities into your videos will cause a few problems in the future...

  • Ron Reynolds
    Ron Reynolds

    Did no one realize that the deep fake Denzel went OVER the subtitles at 8:55 😂😂

  • Holly Poon
    Holly Poon

    These fake dharr man videos need to be used as case studies for what bad acting is😭😭💀💀

  • AvaEAlbergo1

    I spit out my drink on my work pants during the Denzel reveal I hate you

  • xomontanaa

    Wait isn’t Louis the guy from how to catch a cheater 😭😭 I swear he is

  • Denis Pantschenko
    Denis Pantschenko

    I understand if you don't know the movie Training Day or don't recognize the line from the movie. But how can you not know King Kong?

  • Anna

    Sex worker not prostitute but I'm not surprised you wouldn't take the time to learn that 🙄

  • ArchieBlue

    I'd assume using deepfakes on YT especially celebrities without permission would likely get a video copyrighted, taken down & potentially sued if the video negatively effected the person used in the video. It's kind of unsettling deepfakes could get so realistic it could potentially be used to trick & manipulate people or used as a "excuse" for people to lie & cover up a person getting caught doing/saying something they shouldn't of.

  • gambre gambre senpi
    gambre gambre senpi

    9:25 he looks like a GTA character i-💀

  • GES Arts
    GES Arts

    Does Cody really not know Training Day quotes?

  • Harry Brafman
    Harry Brafman

    Cody not clocking YourMovieSucks lmao

  • Tasia Leung
    Tasia Leung

    I love these videos. I don’t like it when people think of feel like it’s ok to copy someone’s ideas or videos like seriously be original. Also I definitely prefer Darh Mans videos better.

  • Melissa

    does anyone else absolutely despise the way the woman delivers her lines when arresting the little girl

    • Mike F
      Mike F

      GoNnA bE uSeD aGaInSt YoU iN tHe CoUrT oF lAw

    • Goofster n Gafster
      Goofster n Gafster

      Really embodied the karen spirit

  • Zaan Parpia
    Zaan Parpia


  • Bubbijs

    “King Kong ain’t got nothing on me” is a famous Denzel line lmfao

    • Patrick Sammon
      Patrick Sammon

      @Sarumes ik right. Cody has to watch training day lol

    • Sarumes

      Jesus Christ someone in this comment section is cultured enough to recognize that line I can’t believe it

  • ctoxiic

    Cody obviously doesn't know about YMS

  • TJ G
    TJ G

    How could you not know the Training Day reference?!

  • Victoria Freire
    Victoria Freire

    honestly the denzel deep fake completely distracted me from the fact that samir took a racial profiling issue as "don't judge a book by its cover." that is literally insane

  • Anamsha Rrr
    Anamsha Rrr

    React to VidChronicles, its basically Darh Mann on steroids

  • Shelly-shockz

    Cody not even acknowledging that that was YMS's comment makes this so much funnier.

  • tlb

    11:39 Coming from YMS.org I think that comment was sarcastic

  • Harshitha Kothapalli
    Harshitha Kothapalli

    omigod ilove omeleto i knew i heard that story before god the lengths people go to

  • Toby

    Who else looking for the dharr man comment ?

  • carmela marchese
    carmela marchese

    Some of omeletos videos have won awards

  • GlitterButt

    Escort or sex worker, not prostitute

  • Charles Ridgway
    Charles Ridgway

    Cody has seen man on fire... but not training day?

  • Lindsay Mulder
    Lindsay Mulder

    We need more Cody/Leon Lush collabs, damn it.

  • Blatant Disregard
    Blatant Disregard

    You know its awesome seeing these yt… what, is that Brad Pitt? Dude i wasnt expecting Brad Pitt to be in this video, i fucking loved fight club… wait what was i watching?

  • Zachias Noble
    Zachias Noble

    "King Kong ain't got nothing on me" is a line that the actual Denzel says in Training Day...

  • Tylor Truran
    Tylor Truran

    Damn Cody never seen Training Day...