COUPLE'S REACT: Moment of Truth
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  • Kiya Hall
    Kiya Hall

    God I love Kelsey

  • Jesas Maria
    Jesas Maria

    6:36 I'd give it to the dog. Animals are just as worthy as people. The homeless person can go to the soup kitchen. The dog can't.

  • zein obeid
    zein obeid

    man how are they so cute together

  • Summer Manning
    Summer Manning

    I can't believe the question of whether she thinks she should be married to her ex was only like half way through

  • Jack Loewen
    Jack Loewen

    Your girlfriend is hot... sorry

  • ErrOr eRRoR
    ErrOr eRRoR

    I would love being on this show lmao. My life would be ruined but my episode would be the funniest shit

  • Grace Darden
    Grace Darden


  • ហ៊ុយ កុកហួត
    ហ៊ុយ កុកហួត

    Oh good lord.


    Frank looks like the AVGN

  • Nathan Green
    Nathan Green

    If I was her husband I would’ve left her ass right there.

  • John Reel
    John Reel

    I remember this show. It seemed as bad of an idea then as it does now.

  • Richie Gryn
    Richie Gryn

    honestly i was waiting for a question like “did u kill a man in the summer of 1987”

  • KStar

    I mean I don’t think you’re a bad person if you’re in love with another person but also in love with your current husband (they never asked how she felt about him) because I think you can be in love with more than one person or still have feelings for your ex much want to move on. Though those feelings should fade over time… but admitting you cheated also? That’s pretty bad and shows you may have never fully ended your previous relationship.. Like, sometimes you can’t control your feelings but you can control your actions. And then to lose all the money… yikes

  • Emmy M
    Emmy M

    Why would anyone with this many secrets go on a show like this?

  • Good Golly Miss Dolly
    Good Golly Miss Dolly

    What I got from this is that Kelsey flashed someone at mardi gras

  • Darren Tupman
    Darren Tupman

    Maybe you should react to your face or mine it’s a British show pretty boring but has some awkward moments and I’m sure you could make it funny

  • Darren Tupman
    Darren Tupman

    Only just started watching Cody and this is the first video I’ve seen with Kelsey and they’re literally made for eachother both got the exact same humour

  • Abby

    This pained me mentally emotionally and physically

  • oEZie rOtaku
    oEZie rOtaku

    n Cody Ko U struck jackpot in the girlfriend Pachinko box department both got logic, looks n laugh 2sides of the same coin n all that hope yall stay happy together forever

  • oEZie rOtaku
    oEZie rOtaku

    its like the maker of the questions is the funder of the prize 500k n they're like "Give her questions that will make her lose shit n give up on the prize" RIGGED like Crorepati Ffff slumdog millionaire madaodog billionaire

  • HotDog

    Host: *Did you burn down the orphanage full of disabled children?* Her: ...*I'm gonna have to say yes* Audience: **INTENSE SCREAMING AND CLAPPING**

  • Micah Guillemette
    Micah Guillemette

    Her family really shows what kind of influences she has in her life. Her mom has the same shitty values, her dad is definitely cheating and supports lying to your spouse and her sister only cares about herself and makes things that dont even involve her about herself.

  • Ms. Venus Camacho
    Ms. Venus Camacho

    They should have given Frank the money.

  • Damien Jones
    Damien Jones

    She just keeps getting closer and closer with every question, love her she is adorbs!

  • Crystal Felicia
    Crystal Felicia

    This was painful AF to watch OMG! After telling the truth abt all the other shit y lie abt something soo trivial?

  • Crystal Felicia
    Crystal Felicia

    Jeez u guys the dogs wanted to go out & u ignored them, wtf!

  • Jasper

    So some facts here: I looked it up, apparently the husband DID know about some of these issues beforehand, but was not anticipating it to be aired out on TV like that. I didn't find info on if they stayed together cause it was all a decade old. Also this wasn't even the worst episode. There is an unaired one where someone won the $500k, but the final question was her admitting her cult father was a pedophile imo I don't understand how you get to the point of marrying someone else when you were still in love with an ex. Like what happened with the ex then? Maybe its just because my exes all sucked but I truly don't get it

  • Ann-Marie B.
    Ann-Marie B.

    She secretly hates herself then?

  • JoeDaBlacksmith

    Pressing the button seems worse than not hearing the answer. It makes it pretty obvious what the answer is regardless

  • Fiona Brennan
    Fiona Brennan

    17:30 I literally said the same thing before Kelsey lol (Sorry if I misspelled her name!)

  • Fiona Brennan
    Fiona Brennan

    10:38 _”we’ve had this discussion”_ bro that shit caught me off guard yikes 😬

  • Simone Barbee
    Simone Barbee

    BROOOO this is literally 20 questions Jerry Springer style What would have been worse was if she got the question RIGHT about being a good person like after all those questions you still think you’re a good person?? Cause that’s some self centered narcissistic ass thinking

  • Will Oelke
    Will Oelke

    The questions are so strangely specific that they had to have done the prescreen as like an interview or something first right? Like asking open ended questions to get her to give them the yes or no questions for the show

    • Treyman1115

      They got Narduar to do research on all the contestants

  • Benana2005 XD
    Benana2005 XD

    She has a frank kink

  • Benana2005 XD
    Benana2005 XD

    Why would u go on the show if your home life is so fucked up like this lmaooo

  • Karen Milford
    Karen Milford

    I can't stop watching videos with Kelsey she's so freaking adorable 🥰

  • Blake Weeks
    Blake Weeks

    Cut wrote this show

  • Declan Bayne
    Declan Bayne

    You copied live love serve

  • Lyca

    God the best part of these videos are those raw reactions in your faces. I love it lmao

  • Kera Houser
    Kera Houser

    “Papa didn’t raise no SNITCH”

  • ftyropek

    Mark: “have you ever stolen a plane to armenia, several ak-47s, and a bag of straight heroin, then proceeded to gun down a crowd of ethnic armenians in yerevan square, inciting a mass genocide against the armenian people and causing the deaths of millions? Lauren: “well, i mean, yeah Audience: 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • grimey god
    grimey god

    Tbh I've been homeless and had a pet and i would one hundred percent want someone to give it to my dog rather than me

  • Finley Dalmeijer
    Finley Dalmeijer

    this is almost a try not to cry challenge

  • AaLynn Odell
    AaLynn Odell

    I wouldn't give food to a homeless person either. They never take it. Where i oive homeless people wamt money for a fix over food.

  • The addictive gamer 360
    The addictive gamer 360

    Get married all ready and become a family HRposts channel

  • Drazzo777 COD
    Drazzo777 COD

    My head is hurting alot after watching this😐

  • Evan Rustle
    Evan Rustle

    Anyone else oddly attracted to Kelsey

  • Johnny Holmes
    Johnny Holmes

    Lie detector tests are complete pseudo science anyway, but if you know anything about them, you cannot ask a question like the one she lost on. It is questionable if you can get any level of accuracy from a polygraph, but you certainly can't ask subjective questions like that and expect accurate results.

  • Johnny Holmes
    Johnny Holmes

    Every time I see something about this episode I feel like she must have caught her husband cheating or something and just wanted to destroy him. She definitely found a way to do it.

  • Klara Dvorak
    Klara Dvorak

    oh my god, why would u ever go on that show if u got so much secrects?

  • Ciarán Halligan
    Ciarán Halligan

    She really looks like my fucking art teacher Mrs Kelly. Like identical!

  • Aj

    Honestly would do the same with the food thing

  • Kyle Angeles
    Kyle Angeles

    I need an update

  • Georgia Joy
    Georgia Joy

    make this a series

  • Nicholas Payne
    Nicholas Payne


  • Sasha Skyy
    Sasha Skyy

    Dude I literally could not stop laughing!!! Lol her ex is hotter than her husband! Lmao!!!!! But I honestly feel so bad for the husband!! Awww! I’m sorry it’s funny but so sad!! Wow I wrote before I heard she had sexual relations w someone else. She is a horrible person!!!!

  • alex few
    alex few

    what got me first was the fact that they were both named frank lmfao

  • Emily Torrance
    Emily Torrance

    More please!!!

  • Emily Torrance
    Emily Torrance

    I love how Cody says, “ milk wagons” and Kelsey doesn’t even react. It’s like she’s heard him say it before.

  • Pastel Hot Mess
    Pastel Hot Mess

    Momma didn't raise no quitter, but Daddy didnt raise no SNITCH neither!! lmao

  • Toasty Junebugs
    Toasty Junebugs

    The answer to "Are you proud of your child?" isn't "We've had this discussion." Like WTF??? Edit: AND WHO CELEBRATES THEIR KID NOT BEING A SNITCH TO THEIR WIFE?? Damn. Her dad seems to be a bit trash.

  • Dylan 26
    Dylan 26

    If he didn’t divorce her he had no respect for himself

  • Dylan 26
    Dylan 26

    Yeah I feel like I’d give a dog food over a homeless person cuz humans are usually shitty ppl tbh

  • T T
    T T

    Poor Frank

  • Kristin simons
    Kristin simons

    I would give food to the dog because the human has a higher chance of getting food then the dog

  • Mia McDonald
    Mia McDonald

    Don’t wanna sound rude but a human is fully capable of obtaining their own food but for a homeless dog they are a bit more helpless so I can understand that for sure

  • esfjjk fifhgi
    esfjjk fifhgi

    oh my god kelsey is so funny and flawless. what an icon

  • blake the great
    blake the great

    holy shit kelsey saying “OMG you BITCH” was so intense

  • anouk ulrich
    anouk ulrich

    I love how you guys laugh together

  • Kira Bannister
    Kira Bannister

    Bruh my jaw dropped when she said yes to fucking someone else

  • dawnriddler

    We had this show as well, but no one ever won. Has anyone ever won in this version?

  • Connor Chicoyne
    Connor Chicoyne

    Frank seemed he was nice tho

  • mdbigboi191

    Like Kazuma, I'm an advocate of true gender equality. If woman can flash, man can flash thier junk. Also by a significant percentage, people donate money for for animals over humans. At minimum 3× to 4 times as much. Or it's up to 90% more. Look it up.

    • Katie :p
      Katie :p

      Crazily enough! But the equivalent of a woman’s chest is also the male chest.

  • V1rus

    there relationship is not very frictionless

  • Hila


  • josukepark

    Frank's face (the ex bf) the whole time was honestly annoying lmfao. he was so smug. but that girl is really the worst person i think. it sucks the ex-husband had to go through this

    • Lox

      It's okay he's currently married with kids while that toxic sludge Lauren is (shockingly) still single so there's a happy ending after all

  • UwU

    Honestly, i would have chosen to give the food to a dog too.. Human can be good but also terrible. I wouldn’t feel confident to donate to a random human who could be a murder, a rap1sr, a pr3dator, a scam artist or so on... A doggy is ALWAYS a good boy 😇

  • chickpea_girl

    You lost me Cody when you said dogs are just animals. A dog has never f*cked me over but humans certainly have. Also I give homeless people money and also feed stray dogs.

  • M L
    M L

    Question 16 sounding like an episode of Maury 🤣🤣

  • M L
    M L

    It’s gonna revel if u lie so why not just tell the truth and get that coin?! 😅 ppl are dumb.

  • laura good
    laura good

    Can we please get more episodes with you guys!

  • Derikimi

    Just put the most boring person that you know on this show and that'd be instant win.

  • Patrick Malone
    Patrick Malone

    16:17 me too

  • Draw Anything
    Draw Anything

    I never thought I would feel so much pain and sympathy for a self proclaimed flasher

  • Draw Anything
    Draw Anything

    The writer of this show, and the creepy producer on CUT videos are definitely best friends

  • Max Schwandtner
    Max Schwandtner

    dope t-shirts tho

  • •Finn•

    Damnnnn ruined the marriage and didnt even get money for it haha

  • •Finn•

    4 questions in and she has admitted to 2 crimes on national tv XD

  • Jeremy Hinze
    Jeremy Hinze

    Wait ✋ what gives? She answered that she isn't in contact with ex boyfriends and got it correct 🤷‍♂️ so how if that's correct is she having "relations" with her ex? 🤔

  • Matthew McBride
    Matthew McBride

    The poor man's lost everything

  • yogi

    ive been waiting for this one

  • monet tyler
    monet tyler

    Watching this show was like watching a Black Mirror episode

  • melted eve
    melted eve


  • Rica Mou
    Rica Mou

    I'm mad, kelsey is fine for a woman to flash strangers but men are gross? What a fucking discrimination and i hate the hypocrisy womens have. Fuck this

  • Brandon Dsouza
    Brandon Dsouza

    That dog is just too cute.

  • Patrick Burk
    Patrick Burk

    A dog litterally cannot feed itself or buy food. A homeless person can. Easy choice to feed the dog

  • Hi 5
    Hi 5

    Algebra t+y=x Find x Dear algebra stop asking us to find your x ,she is not coming back and don't ask y

  • Madeleine

    There are shelters that provide homeless people with food and other help. So yeah, give it to the dog. That makes it more likely for homeless people to go to these shelters to seek more professional help instead.

  • declan lewis
    declan lewis

    That is Mark L Walburg the best Mark he actually host another show temptation island

  • upshurs

    I just know her sister was supplying all of this

2,5 mil.