COUPLE'S REACT: Moment of Truth 2
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  • 6a6y lam6
    6a6y lam6

    A minute in and I can really feel the... Re-paulshawn (sorry couldn't help it)

  • noah koelwyn
    noah koelwyn

    i bet he has some scifi terminal in front of his "trophy case" ya know to look at the database (the spreadsheet) lmao

  • Natalia Andrea
    Natalia Andrea

    the spreadsheet probably has a description of the underwear he kept

  • I am a dog
    I am a dog

    20:19 lmao

  • Darth Menace
    Darth Menace

    We need more couples react from this show

  • Jordan Farsian
    Jordan Farsian

    He wants to be Dan billzarian so bad

  • brit c
    brit c

    you can tell when a family is cuban

  • Jay AQ
    Jay AQ

    Yall funny af for these 😂😭😂 . That "Do you know who I am? Mark... Fuckin... (oh) Wahlberg! (There it is baby, we got did that)" had me dyin lmaoo

  • Simone Barbee
    Simone Barbee

    I hope he’s keeping track for maybe like… sexual health, STD kind of purposes? Like so if any women come to him and say they’re pregnant he can be like no ma’am that’s not me

  • Tanner Manner
    Tanner Manner

    this shit is so crazy it makes me not wanna watch sometimes 😂

  • John Kennamann
    John Kennamann

    Here's a little secret about the show. The contestants were polygraphed 2-3 days prior to being on the show. They knew all the questions prior and were able to communicate to whomever they wanted/needed to prior to the tape day.

  • Abe A
    Abe A

    At least Paul is... interesting? He's got a lot of good icebreaker conversation topics for parties but what does frederico have? A shit eating grin and a more interesting best friend

  • Adameus Calough
    Adameus Calough

    7:37 this one person in the audience is so loud here, what is so exciting about watching these peoples lives fall apart

  • 𝕄𝕚𝕝𝕜 𝕨𝕠𝕞𝕖𝕟˚♡
    𝕄𝕚𝕝𝕜 𝕨𝕠𝕞𝕖𝕟˚♡

    Death note but with sex

  • Naina

    ok but his girlfriend is so fricking pretty .

  • Tyler Giffel
    Tyler Giffel

    He probably has a spreadsheet to keep track of his clientele.

  • Alexandra Kramerová
    Alexandra Kramerová

    this Maria girl or what her name was is so pretty wtf is she doing with that boy, he's definition of word greasy and crusty agh disgustang

  • bro I'm literally just vibin
    bro I'm literally just vibin

    I guess you could say that the guy had a major im-paul-schon to have sex all the time 😭

  • Baby Bitch
    Baby Bitch

    Ya’ll missing the key component that makes it all makes sense. Women weren’t the ones paying for the sex. That’s why gambler paul walked away.

  • Artistry

    I never really watched Cody Ko, but I really like their relationship dynamic. It seems very comfortable and respectful xo

  • dustnea

    The worst part was she was only 88 out of those 100 at that time.

  • Daymon Hearne
    Daymon Hearne

    if this dude couldn’t get girls he’d be a serial killer with a spreadsheet

  • Ella Whittaker
    Ella Whittaker

    he gave Kelsey the nice chair

  • Lyca

    7:37 ooooOOOHHHHH

  • latori

    kelsey is so pretty omg

  • jamie stuart
    jamie stuart

    Cody Kelsey is unbelievably hot bro u done gd

  • Josie J
    Josie J

    his gf looks like kylie jenner

  • Mathias Downhouse
    Mathias Downhouse

    Some questions in this show is so lame but they act like they admitted murder of John F. Kennedy. I remember one specifically "Have you ever wanted your parents to die?" They said yes and everyone was in shock. Even tho most have thought that at least when they were teens.

  • Ky Hughes
    Ky Hughes

    latest from schon paul

  • Cara Merkel
    Cara Merkel

    kelsey you are so hot

  • Nataly Cohn
    Nataly Cohn

    Kelsey looks gorgeous omg

  • milktea

    bro's mom started crying when he said people have paid him for sex 😭😭 her son was a whole sex worker in college 💀💀💀💀

  • Emily

    I feel like the girlfriend told him that women love men with mullets, knowing it would stop girls from hitting on her man. she knew what she was doing.

  • LH

    the girlfriend looks like shakira

  • Shane Luscombe
    Shane Luscombe

    such a good video cody! keep em coming

  • Will

    Codys GF looks like one of those elf women with a deer lower body hahah

  • Scrooge McCuck
    Scrooge McCuck

    He looks like he would be a villain in the second season of Entourage

  • De Guzman Angela R.
    De Guzman Angela R.

    yooo off topic but kelsey looks so beautiful in green

  • rafael camas martínez
    rafael camas martínez

    2:43 yo Enes Yilmazaer is not aging so well

  • Eileen Clark
    Eileen Clark

    can yall be my parents

  • Federico M
    Federico M

    lmao my mans really said "Giggleo" LMAAO

  • Nice Guy
    Nice Guy

    He was paid by a guy to have sex that's why he stopped. The special guest was gonna be the dude.

  • Sasha Skyy
    Sasha Skyy

    Dude you guys crack me up!!!! You guys… or a man paid him for sex!!!

  • Dimitrios Fotiadis
    Dimitrios Fotiadis

    true or false, they will get their answers, whether they are cheaters, gamblers, untrustworthy, good or bad people, good or bad companions etc etc. so the point of the game is, the more damage you make to your family members and friends, with your honesty, the more money you'll make. so i don't get why they won't be honest either way? cause even if you answer ''no'' to any of these questions, and you get the buzzer, they will still know, and you get no money!

  • Sophia Francis
    Sophia Francis


  • Total War Timelapses
    Total War Timelapses

    "How does she not know he slept with over a 100 women?" Well tbf Cody that's kinda what happens when people keep insisting that "the past don't matter bro" which in a lot of cases means "I made a lot of mistakes before that I refuse to acknowledge and treat as mistakes, those mistakes shaped who I am today but bro trust me they don't matter at all" It's fine to have a messed up past as long as you did learn and change from it, this guy is clearly the same guy who banged a 100 women so the past in his case becomes extremely important

  • Ben Goldberg
    Ben Goldberg

    11:49 it is absolutely hilarious to waste beer and that’s a hill I will die on

  • Katapila J
    Katapila J

    The saddest part about this you know everyone who's ever been on the show has probably lied their way out to their significant others by saying know the producers made us do it this way it's fake it's not truth it's just entertainment

  • Katapila J
    Katapila J

    6:51 " that's really funny actually" get you a partner like Kelsey who will lie and pretend your jokes are funny that's true dedication

  • Eseeyona

    Feel so bad for his girl she so pretty

  • Aidan Smith
    Aidan Smith

    kelsey is pretty asf

  • Wyatt Brooks
    Wyatt Brooks

    Anyone else notice Paul’s right ear? Looks like he’s done some kind of fighting. He also gives off this vibe of having brain damage. If so, they just brought a disabled person on television to roast him.

  • Kira Bannister
    Kira Bannister

    I love these vids it’s like I’m watching a show with a friend

  • koren taylor
    koren taylor

    yes i love all of these comments hyping up kelsey

  • Şeyma Taş
    Şeyma Taş

    He is proud to be a jerk, that's for sure.

  • Grace Savage
    Grace Savage

    kelseys shirt is so pretty i want it

  • dawnriddler

    The spreadsheet makes sense if he was working and keeping track of his customers. And the rating was probably for him, like how well he did, what they liked or didn't like and how much he was paid.

  • yt hydrox
    yt hydrox

    drey drexler take a page from paul's book get a mullet

  • Kelly Davis
    Kelly Davis

    I hate anyone with two first names

  • Kyberdude

    The “Man Law” was from a series of beer commercials called Men of the Square Table.

  • josukepark

    its not offensive that he doesn't want kids. it is a problem if theyve spoken about it before and said he does, but the truth is he doesnt.

  • josukepark

    kelsey looks amazing !!!!

  • Some Person
    Some Person

    If you are keeping pantries after sex you are deviant

  • Oscar Cutts-White
    Oscar Cutts-White

    ur wife looks like samantha lux👌

  • Jacob foster
    Jacob foster

    Kelsey hates him, but the dude probably has an insane body count... unfortunately

    • Total War Timelapses
      Total War Timelapses

      "probably" He admitted in this video that he banged over a 100...and yeah I hate that he managed to get that body count...I just hate it

    • Jacob foster
      Jacob foster

      @Rachel Ellingson gotta be his personality 😂

    • Rachel Ellingson
      Rachel Ellingson

      But dudes not even hot… that’s what kills me 😂

  • Katie Does Know
    Katie Does Know

    Definitely need more! soooo funny, and kinda sad at the same time.

  • DaveMusic

    From mildly likeable teddy bear to God of douche, what a character development!

  • Jeremy Hinze
    Jeremy Hinze

    Fukin eww! Over 100 women 🤢

  • anna brown
    anna brown

    the best friends always look like magicians

  • hadassah laura
    hadassah laura

    kelsey is sooo pretty omg

  • Carlos Chacon
    Carlos Chacon

    What's Maria's Instagram??

  • BananaBalls

    The gfs lucky he seems like a douche

  • Hanna Kaptein
    Hanna Kaptein

    Am I the only one who thinks Cody and Kelsey as a couple remind me of Monica and Chandler from Friends?

  • Aditya Pharande
    Aditya Pharande

    He's tracking for STDs

  • Olivia Young
    Olivia Young

    The girlfriend looks like Kylie Jenner to me

  • Mark Hopper
    Mark Hopper

    Shit, I’ll have kids with Maria

  • bp51082

    It's really cute that we're indicting this guy for keeping sexual secrets from the past, and pretending as if most girlfriends wouldn't freak the fuck out to hear even half of it, and that women are totally transparent and don't keep any secrets of their own. Granted he's a douche, but the above is just a naive and ridiculous double standard. Please comment if I'm off base, you've had a reasonably active sexual life and just go ahead and tell any new partner every single thing you've ever done. Seems like a winning strategy. Also, since I know sex workers of both sexes, let's all reflect on how judgy we would be if a woman said she had been paid for sex in the past.

  • Thea Keene
    Thea Keene

    Paul and Fredrico are literally Gaston and LeFou

  • Lizzie Bergman
    Lizzie Bergman

    kelsey so prettyyyy

  • Sentra

    Hi I’m Karen and I ate a bottle Of Botox

  • Sentra

    Hi Kelsey you look smashing today

  • Bryce House
    Bryce House

    why is it such a bad thing to not want to have kids with his girlfriend? What if he just doesn’t want kids in general? Thats perfectly valid and not a negative thing at all. Weird that that was brought up multiple times as something that made him unlikeable. Also, sex work is real work, and making fun of a high body count sounds like slut shaming. In his case it does seem like he was dishonest with his current girlfriend, and in general has a demeanor that he views women as objects. The spreadsheet and underwear case is pretty creepy and gross. But the other things aren’t bad in and of themselves and not sure why they were talked about like those are what made him a loser. Even the gambling problems wouldn’t make him a loser, it’d just make him a struggling addict.

  • KFCBlaziken


  • Tatiana Gaudin
    Tatiana Gaudin

    the rat tail was during the ronaldo era…….. 🤢

  • Fizza Mahmood
    Fizza Mahmood


  • I am Joy
    I am Joy

    Watching this at 1.75x speed because I don’t have enough time to watch it for 25 minutes and it’s hilarious 😂

  • P. B.
    P. B.

    They should watch baggage!

  • melli

    kelsey looks so pretty omg

  • Combi

    I just recovered from the last one so thanks I guess.

  • ok ok
    ok ok

    The way those men view women as objects....whew the misogyny jumpt out 🤮 an entire trophy case ????? no ma'am

  • purplewalrus34

    cody, so proud of you for finally trying to learn how to script, shoot, and edit!!!

  • Awkward_Des

    I feel so bad for that guy’s girlfriend...

  • Harvey McCulloch
    Harvey McCulloch

    hhahahahahahahahaha you can't talk LOL

  • RedHairedRiot

    gambling is an addiction also this guy is a pos

  • Strange and Wonderful
    Strange and Wonderful

    My moment if truth... Does Kody's wife has amazing fun bags..... Ahhh..,. Oh hell yell....

  • badtostada

    i feel like a lot more dudes made spread sheets after this video lol

  • nike onanuga
    nike onanuga

    who writes these questions they’re so personal?💀💀

  • Nathan Wilkins
    Nathan Wilkins

    I feel like the real play is to tell the truth but bring a fake family.

  • neovelvet

    maria is way out of his league….

  • Jordan H
    Jordan H

    All that for roughly 50k after taxes.......smh